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Now Watch Full HD 1080p Short Videos in 3D on YouTube

On April 5th, Youtube announced yet another stunning feature in their long list of Youtube Features and this time it’s 3D videos. I know, I’m late to cover this story but it’s still a worth covering one! YouTube now officially allows its users to convert some selected short full HD 1080p videos to 3D and watch it with their polaroid glasses ON.

It is indeed a great feature addition to YouTube. As you know, YouTube already allows full movies from YouTube Movies and now with this 3D, it becomes a one stop for all the entertainment.

As you can see in the picture above, the video has been converted into 3D. To get this kind of 3D video, all you have to do is to change the video quality of the video to 1080p full HD and then it’ll give another icon in the video control panel. Clicking on that “3D” icon, it’ll convert the video into 3D. The notable thing is that when the video is converted into 3D, it’ll downgrade the video quality to 720p. Now the question is :

Can I watch 3D on normal LCD using polarized glasses?

Yes but you cut resolution and brightness by half. One half is dedicated to each eye so your total perception is only half. A cross-hatched pattern, instead of the row-interleaved one, would give a much nicer image but you would still be at half resolution and half brightness.

Below is the sample video where you can try and convert it into 3D. Note that not all the videos are available with this feature but there are quite a few.

Google has been able to apply its cloud computing infrastructure to apply the 3D conversion process to the breadth of videos on the site., it said. In addition, YouTube also announced that 4D, 5D, and 6D videos are around the corner, and it offers a YouTube 3D Guide online for users interested in learning more. So, what are you waiting for? Play the above video and test it yourself with your polarized glasses on! cheers.

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