WWDC 2013 : What to Expect from this upcoming Apple conference?

Apple announced on last Wednesday that the upcoming new annual developer conference, WWDC 2013 will start on June 10 in San Francisco. The conference is scheduled for June 10 to 14. And as we all know, this conference too will bring many amazing Apple gadgets and a new OS chip too. Here, we have enlisted some of the much talked Apple gadgets which can be unveiled by Apple in this coming WWDC 2013. Take a look!

WWDC 2013: What to Expect

1. New iOS 7 :

iOS 7 concept

Apple had launched iOS 6 in the last WWDC 2013. According to the rumors, this iOS was launched. Now, talking about this new rumors on WWDC 2013, they said that the new OS from the Apple will be released on this event. There is a sure matter that, this new OS will be iOS 7 only. Apple had been releasing it’s iOS 6’s updated versions iOS 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3. So, this time a new fully updated iOS 7 will be here to load. This new iOS 7 will bring up numerous features with some kind of good UI. Like iOS 6 came up with more than 200 new features, this new iOS 7 will be holding the same or much more than that. We all can expect this new OS according to the rumors, however it’s from Apple. And we can never expect anything from this giant. They keep all the things secret which leads them to the first position always.

2. Apple iWatch :


I think you might have heard this word somewhere. This went viral when it got rumored. And people have started expecting this gadget to come with this WWDC 2013. Apple iWatch, a new innovation in the technology. Folks, this watch is not like a normal one. It holds many things in it and it’s a smart watch from Apple. This watch would have 1.5 CM display. Furthermore, it would have some kind of stunning apps like weather, fitness apps, all new version of SIRI,  GPS, Bluetooth and a lot more. You can wear this smartwatch as like a normal wrist watch and can do many things within it. This gadget would surely knock off in the coming WWDC 2013 by Apple.

3. Macbook Air With Retina Display :

Macbook Air

A refresh version of the most talented piece of technology in the range of laptop is about to come. Like we had seen Macbook Pro with Retina Display in the last WWDC 2012. However, people were expecting the same version for Macbook Air. And We would have this new Macbook Air with Retina Display from this WWDC 2013. Of course, it would come up with many more changes in RAM, Processor, user control, new iSight camera and many things. This would surely be there to announce. Let’s hope for the best.

4. Budget iPhone :

Budget iPhone

A budget iPhone is what many people have been waiting for. When there comes a name Apple, many people go upset just by hearing the price tag of that gadget. But, to keep the feet in the smartphone competition, Apple must have to step in with this kind of affordable gadgets. This new budget iPhone would have a plastic body all around and a sort of good design.

5. Mac OS X :

Mac OS X

In WWDC Apple brings all kind of updates from it’s smart phones to the high level’s Mac OS and other devices. Apple would unleash this newer version of its Mac OS in WWDC 2013. Mac OS X, will bring up numerous features like more widget style buttons, a dedicated gaming platform, deep voice control integration, new controls and functions and a lot more other.

So people, these are some of the stunning updates we can have from this WWDC 2013. Is there any other gadgets remaining that you are expecting from this WWDC 2013? What are your views on this upcoming Apple conference? Do share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below this article. Till then stay tuned with us and get some more interesting tech updates right away from here.


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