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Wrike Project Management Software for Marketers & Creative Teams

It does not matter whether you are a one-room firm or a multinational venture, you have to manage your teams — and especially your projects —in the most effective way possible. Nowadays there are many offline and online-based project management solutions you can use to accomplish this. Among this huge list however, Wrike stands out. Wrike goes beyond the ways you normally use a project management software and delivers a lot more value than some of its competitors. With this full-fledged solution, you can achieve your goals more quickly and enable your team to be more productive. This article will give you an overview of Wrike so that you know how it can benefit your organization.

An Introduction to Wrike’s Features

As we said, Wrike is an all-in-one project management solution that can be used by organizations in many different industries. It can be used by Marketing Teams or Product Development teams with the same efficiency. With each of its subscription plans, Wrike gives you features that allow for fruitful collaboration between team members. For instance, its gantt chart maker allows anyone in the team to see a visual of an entire project’s schedule laid out on a timeline. Then because Wrike is also a task management software, it allows you to list and organize the many to-do items you may have in a project. And don’t forget that Wrike is a software for project managent, meaning you can oversee and manage whole projects no matter how complex or how simple. In effect, Wrike is a centralized platform for doing your work and managing your team. And that’s a strong reason why all organizations should think of implementing Wrike.

There are different sections in Wrike’s solution, with specific features too. Let’s take a look.

Create & Organize

This is perhaps the central pillar of Wrike. From fully-fledged projects to detailed tasks and sub-tasks, you can create almost everything in the centralized platform. Once you have brought your entire team onboard, assigning tasks is quite easy. Doing so, you can get a clear view of what the organization is doing at any given moment. At the same time, individual employees have an efficient way to get notified about upcoming tasks and deadlines. Wrike has even optimized wahow you manage file attachments and documents. Users can easily attach files in any Wrike task, and can even edit these — whether they’re text docs or image files — without having to download the files.

Wrike online Project Management software

Better Collaboration

Wrike is not limited to creating and organizing tasks and projects. To make the most of your team’s talent, Wrike gives you plenty of collaborative features. As a team manager, you can leave feedback on any task, even mentioning people using @mentions. Then the Live Activity Stream gives you real-time updates on what’s happening in the tasks you follow. Wrike’s other features for collaboration include customizable Dashboards, mobile apps, and a Live Editor that allows multiple people to type in a task simultaneously .

Best-in-Class Tracking and Reporting

Once you’ve started executing your project plan, Wrike helps you keep track of the progress. It’s packed with a bunch of features such as Gantt charts and an interactive Timeline. With these, you can easily see what’s happening and when the major milestones of any project are. Wrike also offers many different types of Project Reports that can be activated with one click.

Integrations that Make Sense

Using Wrike, you can get rid of multiple tools and bring everything into one set of dashboards! There’s a huge list of services and apps that can be integrated into Wrike. Popular services include Zapier, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Excel, iCal, Slack, WordPress, Google Doc, etc. With these integrations, you can automate the workflow in your organization. For example, if there’s a writing task in your Wrike dashboard, you can easily and quickly turn that into a WordPress blog post — doesn’t that sound great?

Wrike online Project Management software

Customization at its Best

Wrike can be customized to suit your team’s needs and how you work. For instance, instead of relying on common Workflow labels, you can create your own workflows using custom labels (e.g. To-do, Doing Done, or Red, Yellow, Green). There are also options to customize fields and even create User Groups. When creating a user, you can grant him/her certain permissions or access. The same level of customization is there when we come to Dashboards and Task Management.

Summing Up

Altogether, Wrike is the best online project management software  you’ll find with this level of customization and for this price. It has an impressive set of features. And truly the best thing about Wrike is that you can tailor it to suit your uique needs. What else do you need to get things done?

Wrike online Project Management software

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