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WordCamp Jabalpur 2011 : One of the Finest Experience

So, I am back from a long trip to multiple venues including Roadies 9.0, Cloud Computing World Forum and WordCamp. I had one of the most exciting days travelling different places, meeting new people, sharing experience and gaining more and more knowledge. I will be covering the other events later but let me share something about the WordCamp first!

As you were already aware that I was speaking at the WordCamp and being my first conference as a speaker, I was pretty much excited to go there and have fun! Have fun in the other sense if you can think of anything good!


First of all, I would like to thank all of the organizers for organizing this event in such a way that none of us faced a single problem while being there in Jabalpur or even at the event venue. One thing I didn’t like was that they used to call me as a “sir” ahh. . that felt like someone abusing me because I don’t deserve that “sir” yet. Whatever, they guys were the best. To name a few, Gaurav, Ankit, Roopal and there were many more and all of them were so helpful and I just loved them, I mean literally and no matter how much I thank them, it will never be good enough for the efforts they’ve put to make this a successful event.


The only problem we faced while being at the venue was the internet connection. I should thank BSNL for providing us with a 1 Gbps internet connection but some people were multitasking and downloading some porn with this kind of rare high speed we get as Siddharth said! (:D)

The accommodation, the travel, the food and each and every arrangement made by the organizing team was quite wonderful and smooth and seamless and flawless. Of course, how can I forget the t-shirts we got from them 😉

This article was basically meant to thank everyone I met at the WordCamp because I learned so much of things from there, made new friendships, got new experiences and each and everything I wanted. Thank you to each and everyone.

I’ve already uploaded the pictures to Facebook and the videos will be uploaded to once they’re done processing.

Check out the exclusive pics. Cheers and keep rocking 😉 P.S. If you attended the event and if you agree with this words of mine, at lease share it amongst your Facebook and Twitter to appreciate the efforts of the organizers. Thanks.

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