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Now Create a Wonderful Video of Your Facebook Timeline

I’m writing an article here on SkotGat after a very long time, I know and I even know that this site is not performing up to the mark but count on me now. Now that I’m back into the main stream blogging, I will make everything alright and this site will be getting a makeover soon this week and you can subscribe to it all over again if you’ve left it. I’m here with something so amazing and you’ll love it!

I’ve come across a site which automatically creats a wonderfully awesome video out of your Facebook Timeline. So, if you have a well maintained Facebook Timeline like mine, then you really should go and check this one out.

Timeline Movie Maker allows you to create a wonderful flash video of your facebook timeline. All you have to do is to go to the site and sign in via Facebook and sit back and let it work! Yes, it is that easy!


To me, it looked really cool and I must recommend you to give it a try and you guys will love it too. Check out my video created by this app. Have a happy time ahead and do share your experiences.

This site will be up and running in full force very soon so don’t forget to like it on Facebook.

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