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Windows Phone 8 Series : Nokia, HTC & Samsung

It’s been a huge year for all the techno geeks, as we have a lot of smartphones and some amazing announcements which can make our routine life more easier. Here, I’m going to talk about the recently revealed mobile operating system, i.e. Windows 8. Yes, Microsoft has revealed this amazing Windows OS for smartphones almost a week back. After that in the official event of Microsoft, they have revealed all the smartphones which will be coming with this Windows 8 OS. Which are they? Let’s check them out.

[Note]Nokia: Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820[/Note]

Nokia had revealed its two smartphones, Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820, 4 months back. Now in this recent event of Microsoft, Nokia has finally announced these devices which will be loaded with Windows 8 operating system. As we had already seen the impact of this Nokia devices in the market it will be here soon with its official dates, to let grab some more competition in the market.

These smartphones are really amazing and stunning. Anyone can fall for these phones with its catchy looks. It is more handy than other devices and a lot more in it.

Lumia 920 is named as world’s only smartphone with optical image stabilization. 4.5″ PureMotion HD+ WXGA IPS LCD display gives this phone a cool look with full HD 1080 Pixels. There’s a lot of new features are present over here. Like PureMotion HD+ display, PureView camera, Wireless Charging, Nokia City Lens. With this there’s one more device, Nokia Lumia 820. Nokia Lumia 820 which is said to be a budget-friendly alternative to the Lumia 920. Features are almost the same as Lumia 920. No doubt, these both devices run on the latest Windows 8 OS with amazing live screen features  and a lot more!

[Note]Samsung: Samsung ATIVE S[/Note]

Samsung’s very first Windows 8 smartphone is Samsung ATIVE S. This smartphone was the very first Windows 8 smartphone. As I said, Samsung ATIVE S is running on Windows 8 OS that has just unlocked. There are many catchy features comes along with ATIVE S,  HD Super AMOLED screen to the 8MP camera makes this device a unique on in its own range. Scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 2 display, 16/32GB of on-board storage, NFC support and allow to grab any apps from a wide range of apps over 120,000.

Each coin has two sides, it has some disadvantages too. Like no lockscreen shortcuts, no music player equalizers, no system-wide file manager, costs more than the Galaxy S III SIM-free. These were some of its disadvantages. Though it is more cooler than the other Samsung phones.

[Note]HTC: HTC 8X and HTC 8S[/Note]

Now, here comes something stunning in the market. Everyone was eagerly waiting for HTC devices with Windows 8 to hit the market. And in the recent event HTC has also confirmed its amazing smartphones HTC 8X and HTC 8S with windows 8 OS. These devices look same as Nokia’s Lumia phones. Same colors and same looks. HTC named as a Global leader in the smartphone range and users of its devices are rapidly increases.

I’m sure with this announcement HTC will be on a new mark. Of course these gadgets have also some cool features which are essential matter nowadays. 1080 P HD video recording capacity, sleek design and looks, larger battery, bigger screen with 8 Megapixel camera makes these devices more beautiful.

So folks, these all are the new members to knock off soon. Don’t forget, they are coming along with the latest OS Windows 8. So undoubtedly they are coming with a bang! What do you think on these announcements? Are they capable enough to stand out here? Share your ideas and views here in the comment box below.

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