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8 Delicious Features of Windows 8

Microsoft launched Windows 8 Consumer Preview last Wednesday at Barcelona which you can download from their official site and test it for free. The official launch date of the final version of Windows 8 is not yet available but it should be somewhere around October 2012. Windows 8 is said to be the total re-invention of the Windows OS. Here I get you those 8 new features you would like to experience.

Windows has tried to replace their native windows into tiles. That means, there are tiles available at home screen where you’ll have updates about your apps.

windows 8 tiles

1. Start menu is now Start Screen

As you can see in the above picture, that is exactly how the new start menu or you can say the start screen looks like. This is the new start menu and no other menu from where you can access your apps and games and everything. This is somewhat derived from their Windows phone 7 OS which already has this feature. Windows 8 is also going to support ARM processors which means even a tablet can run Windows 8.

2. Security : Picture Password

Care has been taken for security in Windows 8. You don’t need to remember a difficult password to access your PC. Picture password can be used for user authentication. Picture Password will be based on image action. For example, you can draw a ball on the picture or straight lines etc. This method is simple and secure.

3. Portability : Mobile OS

Portability is an important aspect in today’s market and therefore, Windows 8 has been given a flexibility with which it can even be installed in your pen drive or any external hard disk and it can be run on any PC! Isn’t this great?

4. Performance : It’ll never hang again!

This has been the most irritating problem of Windows so far that with new application installs, it used to slow down its performance eventually. Windows says : “Not anymore”. Windows now gives an option with which you can reset your PC which means you can restore it to its factory configuration and files. The other option is where you can refresh it to your personal configuration stage.

5. Updates : Clutter free

You will not need to restart your PC to install updates every-time. You can just restart your PC once a month and install all the updates available. Somewhat like what Apple MAC OS X does!

6. Files : Better managemant

The current windows are always slow to copy or move files. With the new environment and mechanism in windows 8, they’re claiming that it has become better and more efficient, fast and error free.

7. Live id : Cloud Service integration

Windows 8 has been integrated with cloud services for Microsoft seamlessly. That means you have integrated sky drive with your PC itself and also allows you to remotely sign in to other PCs even if you are not the owner of that particular windows 8 installation! This is great!

Free Apps : MS Office

For the tablet users of Windows 8, Microsoft is planning to provide Free Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint. Not only this, The new OS is of course a tablet friendly OS. So, soon we might see Windows OS replacing Android OS in tablets.

Did you test the new Windows 8 Consumer preview? These were some features I liked. How about you? And yes, Read my in-depth review of Windows 8.

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