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#WhyBanBollywood – Bangladesh Banned Bollywood, But Why?

So the news just came up featuring the entire Bollywood Industry. Reportedly Bangladesh has banned Bollywood Movies. We all well aware about the banning spree of Indian Government. Beef, Alcohol, Porn Sites and so many other things. It seems the neighbouring countries get inspired with the current BJP Government of India. Well, Twitter Users think differently and they’ll tell you #WhyBanBollywood!



#WhyBanBollywood – Bangladesh Banned Bollywood, But Why?


1. The BAN Fever!


2. Because My Name Is KRK, Kamaal R Khaan!


3. Improve your talent, improve your own Industry!


4. Dear Bangladesh, you can even ban such crappy tweets as well!


5. Just Bangladeshis!


6. Doing great Banglas!


7. You see?

Indians are always doing good things to others, this time with Bangladesh. What do you guys think about the actual reason of banning Bollywood movies in Bangladesh? Get some more #NextBanIdea from here!


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