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Why one must use SeedBox? Top 5 Reasons to Opt for SeedBox

SeedBox is basically a BitTorrent argot for dedicated high speed exclusive torrent transfers. Though, the companies that opt for this service can use SeedBox for other purposes too. With SeedBox, you can process high speed downloads and uploads. This file transfer will take place at enormously fast speed beyond your imagination. SeedBox is basically something that is needed by every user who manages enormous downloads and uploads. One must buy cheap SeedBox to process the data transfer at quicker rates. Here are some advantages why one must use SeedBox for data transfer.

Why one should Use SeedBox?

Till now, you might have understood the ultimate benefit of using a SeedBox. But still, here are some of the reasons to clarify why every user operating numbers of data transfers a day should use a cheap SeedBox for the same. Though seedboxes are not at all free, but they surely save a good amount of time at user end at an affordable price. So, now let’s look out of some of the obvious reasons to use a SeedBox.


You might not be aware about the fact that users on private trackers are too much competitive. No matter how much you have played with the client settings to improve the internet speed, there is no competition with the uploading speed of SeedBox. The seedbox is just not recommended to the users, but it is almost essential.


There are number of seedboxes providing a enormously fast speed up to 100Mbit. No one can question the speed of these seedboxes. The speed is much higher than the internet connection unless you live in countries like Sweden and Japan. The files with high GBs can be transferred within few minutes without any bars and limitations. But yes, you will be limited to speed of your house connection when you wish to transfer these downloaded files to your home PC/laptop.


Most of the users of private trackers are least concerned about downloading and more about seeding. Good ratios are very important for healthy membership. SeedBox ensures that your ratio tends to be 1:1 in few minutes rather than 10:1. This will ensure that your account will not die. Also, you are free to delete the downloaded files from the SeedBox.

No Bandwidth Limiting ISPs & No Throttling

Many ISPs throttle your downloads and limit the bandwidth transfer to 100GB. But with SeedBox, you can overcome these limitations and get into data transfer freely. When you are uploading and simultaneously downloading, the resources do compromise, but it does not affect the overall speed as a whole.

Secure and Safe

SeedBox ensure the security and safety of user’s connection. It makes sure that no attacker can influence your connection leaking out from the security mechanism of SeedBox. Also, you do not get any DMCA or warning letters from your ISP.

Final Words

These are some of the major benefits of using seedboxes over simple internet connection for the data transfer. Find a cheap SeedBox provider and start using it services. You will surely feel the difference!!


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