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SkotGat LogoI feel extremely overwhelmed with joy and full of happiness to write this article on this site SkotGat. Last one month has been a very busy one for me as I’ve been busy creating my team and planning and finalizing the work for this big project named SkotGat. Finally, the wait is over and as we promised, we’re here in front of all of you on this day of 9/11 and presenting you our new and next big thing : SkotGat!

As I am writing our first article here, first of all I would like to thank each and every person who’ve helped us make the thing as better as possible and bring up the better user interface, high engagement and increase the quality level as well. I will be introducing our team to you in short upcoming time but I would specially like to Thank Puneet of iCustomizeThesis for helping us so much to design the theme and more issues and we’re very much thankful to him for this help on behalf of our whole team. I personally would like to thank all of my family who’s been so much supportive to me during my blogging journey I started with my first blog, TheCopyPasteBlog and without their, my friends’ support and above all, you as a readers’ support, I couldn’t have reached this far ever. So, once again Thank you for making all these things possible with all my heart.

SkotGat, as I’ve said to my team, Its not about “I”, it’s about “We” and here we will be working hard to provide you quality articles about the topics I’ve mentioned on the homepage. We have a team of 5 writers and one marketing executive who will be supporting us in this project. As always, I would just like to have your support and readership as you’ve been giving me since last one and a half year on my blog and I hope you will continue to provide us your same support, motivation, comments, criticism and every possible help.

With these words, I stop my “lecture” 😛 and once again thanking you and welcoming you from my team’s side. I hope you will enjoy this thing. Moreover, we pay tribute to the victims of the 9/11 which happened exactly on this day 10 years ago and not just to those victims, we pay tribute to all the victims who became target of the terrorists attacks and we will be helping in any way we can to them. Thanks and cheers.

– Rahul Banker


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