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Watch Apple iPad 3 Launch Event Live Online

Are you ready? Tomorrow is going to be another big day in the tech and gadget history as it is the day for the iPad 3 launch! We’re all set to look forward to the event and cover you with all the live updates as we get. I can guarantee you that you will be amongst those first readers to get the updates for sure. Want more? Keep reading this one out!

ipad 3

The official launch date for the iPad 3 is 7th March as per the invitations they have sent out and we at SkotGat are quite excited about the launch and looking forward to what new technology it is going to get us.

The time for the official iPad 3 keynotes is 10 AM PST on March 7.

Here are the timings for other time zones:

12:00 PM | Central
01:00 PM | Eastern
08:00 AM | Hawaii
06:00PM | London
09:00PM | Moscow
11:00 AM | Mountain
11:30 PM | Mumbai
10:00 AM | Pacific
07:00PM | Paris

So, I am here to write you a quick post informing and providing you the links from where you can follow the iPad 3 event live online. As you know that Apple doesn’t provide any live streaming of any of their launch event and it will be the same this year as well, most probably.

If you want to watch official iPad 3 live stream video announcement online, then bookmark the page at Apple may officially live stream their event on this page, but if they won’t then they will at least add an official high quality video of their event later on once the event is over.

Remember, if Apple adds a live stream then it’ll only work on Mac/iPhone/iPod touch operating systems. To watch the video stream on your Mac, you’ll need Safari 4 or 5 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard as minimum requirements. To watch it on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you’ll at least need iOS 3 or iOS 4.

While live stream will only work for Mac users, the actual recorded video will be available to Windows users as well once the live stream is over but viewers will be required to download QuickTime software in order to use it.

Other possible live streaming links are as below :

1. Macgasm
2. TechCrunch TV
3. uStream

(more links to be added soon)

We’re also planning to have our own live update page for iPad 3 launch event setup if possible in few hours. I will keep you updated for that as well but for now, below are the links from where you can follow Apple iPad 3 launch event live online :

  1. gdgt
  2. Engadget 
  3. ArsTechnika
  4. Znet : The Verge
  5. Slashgear

Stay tuned for more updates. You can subscribe to our feeds and Facebook page for all the latest live updates about the iPad 3 launch event. Oh yes, let us know if YOU know any source 😉

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