VLC Media Player Now Available for Android Devices : Download Now

Hey guys, I know I am couple of days late to write about this story but it’s better late than never and therefore I’ll write it anyway! So, the news is that VLC open source, cross platform application which has been a very famous media player for windows and mac which needs no introduction is now finally available for Android devices as well. Though its just in its alpha mode, I’ve got some exclusive download links just for you!

Android users have been waiting to get an all in one media player and now with VLC entering its market, there are high chances of other players losing their user base but VLC is still in its alpha mode and while installing, they give us a warning that its in Alpha mode and it is not a stable release so we can expect hell lot of changes in upcoming versions.

As I installed it and tried it, It was a seamless installation but not that much impressed with it yet. Though the UI is a simple one but still it lacks few basic things as watch in full screen even if you have screen auto-rotate disabled.

The Good :

  • It’s by VLC, one of the best in media players!
  • The UI is simple and easy navigations
  • Hope for some more improvements as it is still in Alpha mode

The Bad :

  • No automatic full screen mode
  • Quality of video isn’t that great while playing
  • Not good interface while browsing files

My Verdict :

Well, I would say if you’re really interested in testing it then download from the links below or just wait for at least till the beta release and then try using it.

Download Links :

  1. Download VLC media player for Android (NEON Devices)
  2. Download VLC media player for Android (Non NEON Devices)

Try downloading and installing via first link. If it works, its good. If the installation fails, the 2nd link will surely works. Thanks.

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