Viral Twitter Event Marketing Insights You Cannot Afford to Miss Out

Even though Twitter has time and again changed the way its ecosystem functions, it still remains one of the largest social networking platform for you and your audience. Often, tech companies rely heavily on the virality of their twitter event marketing campaign in order to see their products through. However, with so many Twitter marketing companies and self-rated gurus showing up, it’s hard to separate the best from the rest.
At Skotgat, we take great pride in laying back and restructuring the basics. We follow some of the most happening events in India and abroad and tick the best features that gets these campaigns the mileage that they look for. Regardless to say, here is us sharing some of our tips for you –

[Note]When Should I Start Talking About My Event?[/Note]

If you are an event manager/marketer who needs people to follow the event online (and most importantly, offline), then you need to ensure and create a cushion-effect for your audience. An audience (your followers) will be heavily disappointed if you generally tweet about life and suddenly start with tech updates one fine morning.

Ideally, it helps to start talking about the event two weeks prior to it beginning. Interact with those who are going to the event. This will help you create the necessary buzz without sounding too pushy.

[Note]What Should I Talk About My Event?[/Note]

Every event has an USP. However, with so many closely-themed events cropping up all around the country, it helps if you talk about the brands and people behind the brands who will be attending the event. More than thinking about talking yourself, make your audience talk about your event. If a celebrity is dropping by at your event, giving the keynote speech, it will help if you get him/her to throw in a tweet or two.

[Note]What about the ROI?[/Note]

Dig deep into your Google Analytics data and see how you are bringing in traffic through Twitter.  Another way is by imbibing a tracking token. It looks something like this –


When you add this token, you are able to ensure and track the hits coming in from third-party clients such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Very very important.

By using tools like Twitter Counter and Hashtags along with Bit.Ly, you can effectively track the number of shares and the total reach of your content over a due course of time.

[Note]What about Post-Event Marketing?[/Note]

Event marketing on Twitter never ends. It only transforms post-event. You are able to effectively gauge the sentiment by engaging your audience about the event. This is vital if you are looking for getting quality audience at a later stage. This is the stage where your Twitter marketing should aim to get as many e-mail subscribers are possible.

With Twitter, every RT and mention counts. Don’t just focus on sending out tweets. Focus instead on the type of tweet and its relevancy to the audience. This will help you get followers by the droves.

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