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Unlock Hidden Features in Windows 8 Developer Preview

Its all about Windows 8 nowadays in the world of tech as Microsoft released Windows 8 few days back and we here at SkotGat are always here to provide you its reviews, features, tips and tricks and how to install windows 8. We’ve found something cool today which unlocks the hidden features in windows 8 initial builds like developer preview.

This time around we have Windows 8 features unlocker for you called Windows 8 BluePoison. It was developed to unlock hidden Windows Explorer and Task Manager improvements along with two Windows 8 native tools PDF reader and Webcam and unlocks the interface Ribbon , the Modern Reader.
Among other features, allows you to download the latest leaked builds, see the build-list and download other utilities for Windows 8.

Check the screenshots below about how it looks like and how it works :


It unlocks the features as below :

  • Unlock the Ribbon UI interface.
  • Modern unlock the Task Manager.
  • Unlock the Modern Reader.
  • Color theme unlock the car.
  • Webcam unlock the application.
  • Immersive unlock the browser.
  • Unlock the Pattern Logon.
  • Logon unlock the Metro.
  • Unlock the Applications folder.
  • Start Moorea in Office 15.
  • Download hacks for activation of Windows 8.
  • Consult guides to “activate” Windows 8.


Once you have unlocked all available but hidden features in Windows 8, you can go ahead and play with each one of them. This is a great tool to unlock features without manually tweaking the registry. The developer also says that the application will be kept updated as the new leaks and builds are available.

This is a must have application for your latest installed Windows 8. Download it.

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