Twitter Marketing 101 – Part 3

Yes! People we have reached the final part of our journey with respect to getting to know more about Twitter. Here, we end on how industry leaders have made the most of their time on the social networking sites. If you are a small business owner or someone looking to drive traffic, then you need to stand up and read the entire course from the first part to this part. Without wasting any more time, here are the final tips. Don’t forget to read the previous parts of this series as well.

Using #hashtag to build your brand presence

As a small business owner, you need to create interesting campaigns that will get people talking about your brands, and that too in a fun way! There are two ways to do it. Either get your customers to tweet about a contest with a certain hashtag or lend your creativity on the existing trending hashtag to grab eyeballs. The more you earn your followers through your tweets, the more they would feel excited to check out your brand.

Giveaways Do Work!

When you are thinking about a sure-shot way to get more followers for your blog and for your brand, then you have to initiate a string of giveaways. Be sure about the giveaways and you need to make sure that they are “extra-juicy”. Extra coupons, free t-shits – work around those points and you will have an awesome fan-following.

For Bloggers

There are a number of bloggers who have found a safe haven on Twitter. Many have found immense traffic from this social networking site. There are many who regularly throw links directing to their blog and have never been disappointed. If you are a blogger and need to quickly get your word out there, then Twitter is the place to be!

The Right Tools

With thousands of applications in the market, Twitter isn’t really that difficult. From Hootsuite which lets you schedule your tweets, to Summify which highlights the best tweets and separates the noise away. There are a number of other applications which let you follow, reciprocate and unfollow tweeps.
Have patience, share interesting content and be sure to spread the word regarding your brand and you will definitely begin seeing the results in the long run.

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