Twitter to launch Instagram style photo filters to its mobile apps

Twitter is all set to launch its new Instagram Style photo filters to its mobile apps. The report is directly came from New York Times. As we have Twitter’s personal apps for our smartphones like Twitter for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows phone 7 and Nokia S40, Twitter to launch this one soon. Let’s see some more detailed news!

Instagram, I think the name is enough in the photo sharing field. Instagram allows every user to let share their photos to everyone with some amazing direct effects on it. The more interesting thing in it is users can directly posted their photos to Facebook and Twitter with its integration. So, user is only a tap away to share his/her photo to all the social networks. Isn’t that cool?

Now, like we had seen some news earlier this year, Facebook has purchased Instagram worth $1 Billion. For this Twitter is likely to introduce its own app for sharing photos. Cause it wants to make its own priority on such app. It is going to happen just because of the collaboration of Instagram with Facebook. And it looks quite fair.

Is Twitter Jealous of Instagram?

Nowadays Instagram has grown into one of the most popular Social networks to share photos. It is as same as Twitter, where Instagram is more visually than Twitter. Twitter only allows 160 characters to share with people but here Instagram allow all users to share photos with whatever they want to write as a caption, it’s just amazing and I think this is the only reason why it is damn popular over the world.

I think here Twitter is making a good sense to launch its own App. Facebook has bought Instagram worth a huge money. Twitter says, Why to spend such a huge money for other’s app? Let’s try our own. Something like this is going in their mind to rule.

Filters is the only an important thing in Instagram and Twitter will be launching the same filters in its own upcoming app. With direct user interface with Twitter users will help them a lot to share and save their photos in the cloud.

No doubt Instagram is a great app. And Twitter is on a right way. Better photo sharing is what their user’s like. And I must say Twitter is following these words, “If you can’t buy it, build it.”

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