Translate Tab: Translate in 57 languages from your menu bar [Giveaway]

What do you do when you encounter a website which is written in a language you don”t know? I guess you would copy the link of that page, open up a new tab, go to Google translate, and then paste the url over there. Well, here is an application which lets you do the same thing, but far more easily and effectively.

Translate Tab is a very convenient translation utility that can be easily accessed from the menu bar of your Mac, while any running application remains in the front of the desktop. Clicking on the Translate Tab status item or icon on the right side of the menu launches a drop-down menu. At the top are two buttons: “Translate From” and “Translate To.” Each button has its own drop-down menu with 57 languages listed. In most cases, it is unnecessary to set the input language, as the app automatically recognizes it.


translate tabtranslate tab 1

What I like the most about this application is that it makes it easy and simple to polish the translation, if desired. For example, you may paste a paragraph written in US English into the top rectangle and set the translation for German. In less than few seconds, the translation appears. Now, the user just copies the translation, pastes it into the top rectangle, and clicks the “Reverse Translate” button.

The German is translated into English. The user can note any English words or phrases that are not pokies australia sufficiently accurate, and clicking on them, alternates are suggested that may be chosen to substitute, or the user may enter their own.

Some of the most impressive features:

  • Translates between 57 different languages
  • Detects source language automatically
  • Translates text instantly
  • Phonetic text input and output capabilities
  • Enables users to both read and listen to the translation
  • Translates entire web pages
  • Checks spelling and offers corrections
  • Sends to instant translation through shortcut
  • Optional, alternate language keyboards for input of foreign languages

System Requirements:

* Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Lion only)
* Internet connection required
* 0.97 MB

Price: Translate Tab 1.0 is available at the special introductory price of $1.99 (USD) from the Mac App Store in the Utilities category. The regular price is $3.99.

Giveaway : We have 2 copies of this cool application to be given away to our readers. To win it, just tweet this. Winners will be tweeted back on 7th of October. Hope you win! :)

Update : Winners were @tboneoh and @sparklinguy as chosen by us on

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