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Quick List of Top Apps for a Jailbroken iOS 5.1.1

Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 was just released a few days back and I’m sure almost all of you must have already applied the jailbreak to your iPhones when I was busy travelling places and couldn’t cover many breaking stories in last fortnight but now that I’m back to work, we’re ready to roll again. So, just to warm myself up, I’m listing down those apps which looks “must have” to me for an iPhone.

Below listed are all the apps available in Cydia and most of them can be found by performing a search of their name. The resource which you’ll need to add is if it isn’t there already.You can find it on :

ScreenDimmer : Screendimmer lets you customize exactly how and when the screen goes in and out of power saving mode. It might seem trivial but I’ve found that the battery savings are noticable.

SB settings : A drop down menu that allows you to access some of the regularly needed settings from any screen (3G, location services, Wi-fi) and even offers a couple that apple don’t, like ‘rotation lock’ for those times you want to read while lying down without the orientation changing.

Five-Icon Dock : It lets you have one more icon by removing much of the gap between icons in the default dock. Maybe slightly less urgent now that there’s folders in iOS 4.  I’ve consolidated 5-6 pages of apps into two, so paging around is less of a burden, but still handy.

BiteSms : Way better than the Text message App of the iphone, let you reply or send a txt/mms, even when you’re not in the app. it even let me receive notification of when people receive and read my sms.

DisplayRecorder : perfect to produce a video screencast of what happen on my iPhone. When you are an App editor/dev, that’s a great way to show/see where the bug happens.

Adblocker : is a wonderful tool that has me using the default safari browser again.  I’ve found it speeds up performance on a number of websites and it creates a distraction free experience.

LockInfo : is a lifesaver. It overlays the iPhone’s lockscreen with text-based widgets for showing things like weather, iCal events, email, text messages, voicemail, and more. Probably 50% of my iPhone use now is just checking things quickly on the lockscreen. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s really useful.

For more, below is a quick list for some quick d’loads which you might enjoy :

  • Winterboard -Themes
  • iFile – file browsing
  • Mewseek – download free music
  • 3G Unrestrictor – Removes WiFi only limitations
  • kirikae – manage backgrounded apps
  • Backgrounder – multitasking
  • MyWi
  • iBlacklist – block unwanted calls
  • Synchronicity – let’s you use your phone while it’s being synced in iTunes
  • Firewall IP – The personal firewall for preventing apps from phoning home when it’s not necessary.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time digging through Cydia and oh yes, do you wonder why you should jailbreak your iphone? Well, cheers for now and do let me know your addition to the list above!

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