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TOP 3 Magento Extensions That Will Help You Work Faster

If you are a forward-minded  Magento platform user, then you are already enjoying such privileged benefits as SEO-friendliness and integration of a handful of different tools for seamless performance it offers.  The striking Magento feature is that its design also welcomes a load of Magento extensions to brush up the productivity and eliminate the risks of failure.

Lost track of the latest Magento catch-ups? Breathe out, you will surely find the way out of the forest as long as you step on the digital road paved with the Spectacular Trio of Magento extensions targeted at boosting the efficiency of a Magento online store!

magento extensions

King’s Order – Order Attributes Extension

Filling online cart with goods of all sorts is all play and fun, but inevitably the clients come up with checkout and conversion, which should be as easy and enjoyable as the rest of the program. What your customers expect of you is to provide them with all the devil’s details. The minute they feel the need to google any of the FAQ, your competitors get plus one potential buyer. Order Attributes Extension represents an essential tool to handle order information through adjusting custom fields to the Checkout Page of your Magento Store. The very extension aims at:

  • Order Data Capture
  • Revitalization of order processing to complete the conversion
  • Providing Checkout Pages with a number of fields optimum

But the sweetest candy that will hit both your and your customers’ taste is a handy order grid/feedback. It will unscramble all the order information to your clients, winning your store best Magento checkout comments.

Harder, Better, Faster – Extended Product Grid with Editor

Have searched the seven seas to find a universal recipe for a perfect tool that will please the eye of the client, while being smoothly adapted to the needs of your Magento webpage? Extended Product Grid with Editor shares the popularity of Magento Extension Family as it fulfills the task of editing the product information on the grind right away. The administrators of the store’s webpage are going to appreciate the product quantity management and the opportunity to export product lists from the grid which immensely saves the time.

All at once – Image Templates Extension

Timing and a reasonable use of all the resources available lies in the very core of your webpage optimization. The visual strand of your Magento store should not only catch the client’s attention and shed light on the product, but involve as little effort to modify and readjust as possible. Image Templates Extension is a real catch for those who are bored by the time-consuming process of image assignment to multiple products. Just automatize the whole thing without the consequences for the performance of the webpage!

So these were some of the top extensions on Magento platform which will help you to increase your productivity. Feel free to ask any kind of questions by commenting below, we will reach you right away!

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