We all are well aware of the recent conflict that happened in India which ended with the country having an extra state. YES, we are talking about the Andhra Telangana controversy.


Well, now it isn’t that much of a conflict and things are pretty settled now with the borders been made very properly, but when actually the conflict was going on, the state had a lot of problems.

With regards to this issue, the realty sector of the state was one sector that was massively affected. We can imagine how bad it had got. Even if a single property or house stands in dispute, people don’t invest in it. Here, the entire state was in a dispute. People weren’t even taking a 1 or 2 BHK for rent in Hyderabad considering the dispute and definitely the real estate market fell on its face.

But now that the states no longer have any issue, both the states are now in good terms. And the newly formed Telangana is ready to soar high.

Telangana has been lucky enough to have the advantage of having the city of Hyderabad on its side. Hyderabad is the most popular city of the state and now belongs to Telangana. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the city is the hub of everything in that state.

Now having this amazing city, the state has a lot of thing pre planned and are working really hard to improve the situation of the real estate market with got a bit damaged because of the partition.

The city now has online registration of rent agreement to make the business grow even more.

What we want to say is that though Hyderabad is an old city, but Telangana is a new state, and it’s trying all the possible ways to improve the state as a whole and to improve its realty sector. Having the city of Hyderabad in the state, there is assurance that people will be moving to this city and the city is always going to be very populated. And working on its realty sector is one of the best ways to generate revenue for the state.

So Telangana is taking out different ways through which they can boost up the realty,

Some of them being,

Increase of rental properties- whether you want a  places on rent or to buy in Hyderabad, you are sure to find it people are being encouraged to give out their property on rent to the people coming here from various other cities.

Dedicated websites- there are local websites that focus on Telangana housing and even on national websites, Hyderabad has a special section for the property related things in Hyderabad.

Online registrations- the state has provided online registration to help people save their time and money and effort and they can make rental agreements very easily by just sitting at their home.

The state website- the state has a website that talks about all the norms and regulations regarding rent, lease, buy or sell which is going to help every person involved in the housing system in any way.

So basically, the state has done a lot for Hyderabad and to make its realty sector grow even more, and we are of the opinion that soon the real estate sector is going to bloom even more than before.


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