“One more thing …” (1955-2011)

I Have lost my words while writing this post here for all of you as I cover one of the worst stories we’re ever likely to see in this space, a story that far transcends tech, I was quite literally at a loss for words. I’ve never seen anything quite like the outpouring of emotion that people are showing in response to this news. Moreover, this man was the inspiration to my life since when I started knowing whom he is – Steve Jobs.

steve jobs apple

apple logo steve jobs




The man who put the world at our fingertip, the best CEO of all time, the man who had more number of people criticizing him rather than appreciating him, the man with golden dreams to change the world to better, the man who constantly inspired me to dream big rather than going to college just to pass out exams (honestly) and the man who will always be on our desk, in our hands and in our ears!

My tribute to the only person who managed to inspire me a lot after my dad! Heaven has just got lucky to have him.

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