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Holla Everyone! It’s been quite a long time you have heard from me. Well it’s just because of my tight schedule and now I’m pretty much settled and back. Okay let’s get to the point, today I’m introducing to you all an event which basically aims at understanding Google technologies. The Google Developers Group, DA-IICT  is organizing an event on “Getting Started With Google Technologies” in one of the most prestigious universities of India, DAIICT. The main aim of this first event is to get the developers started on Google technologies. The event will comprise of introductory sessions on HTML5, Android, GWT and Google App Engine. 

Google Developers Group

Supported by Google India, GDG DAIICT will be mainly delivering introductory sessions on understanding the basics of Google Technologies. With a total of 5 experienced speakers from the world of technology, we are sure that this event will be a big success which will be helping the students of this generation to really gel up well with the new Google Technologies and help them develop better.

The speakers will be mainly focusing upon the emerging programming languages like HTML5 which has came up in no time and won the hearts of many coders. They’ll also talk about the most popular mobile OS of recent times, which is none other than Android. They’ll also help you to understand how can one develop better mobile apps which are OS and most importantly user friendly. You’ll also be made aware about GWT and Google App Engine in a session and also how to remain socially active using the latest technologies in the social media world.

So I hope by now you all must be really excited and must be looking forward to this event. Well we here at Skotgat will be live-blogging the GDG DAIICT “Getting Started With Google Technologies”  event. We’ll make sure that you don’t miss out a single action from this fantastic event. You can follow all the live updates below here, so bookmark this page now and hit back right here on 13th October at 9:00 AM (IST), See you there!



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