Sleipnir for Mac : A Cool Utility Browser Tool for Mac

Sleipniris an iOS browser that has a reputation for doing things a little differently. Sleipnir developer Fenrir is now bringing it to the Mac with the release of a new beta. Here’s a quick review of the browser and I am sure, if you’re a mac user, you will surely be using it and tempting to use it as well. Keep reading on.

User Interface:

Sleipnir has a really differentiated interface. Contrary to Chrome, Sleipnir de-emphasizes the URL bar, making it a small button in the title bar. Clicking it slides the URL bar out to fill the title bar, which looks pretty slick.most people find websites via search rather than entering the URL, de-emphasizing the URL bar makes sense to us. It also allows the window to take up significantly less space, as the tab bar can be placed where the URL bar is found in other browsers.

Startup Page:

When you install Sleipnir for the first time, after installation, you will be welcomed by four different pages. On these pages, you can easily get to know on how to use gestures for switching through tabs and also how you can use the browser itself which helps really great if you are migrating from Chrome or Firefox.


Tiled Tab Spaces:

Tiled Tab is a tab-grouping feature similar to Firefox’s aptly named Tab Groups, but is even more user-friendly.It can be accessed via a button in the tab bar, which shows your current tabs as previews against the familiar linen background, with groups appearing as color-coded sections at the bottom. You can swipe between groups with a two-finger gesture. The Tiled Tab button also changes color to reflect which group you’re in, so you don’t feel lost. It looks simpler and cleaner, but only six Tab Groups can be opened in one window which is a weak point

Our opinion

Sleipnir is definitely a great browser with enough functionalities and an awesome interface disregarding it’s just a beta version. I would not recommend you to completely switch to Sleipnir as its the companies first throw on Mac and also in the near future, the browser should add a sync feature which would let you sync your bookmarks, auto fill and other stuff with your iOS device.

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