Skype Developing 3D Video Calls

Skype is reportedly working to bring a new and all innovative feature to its basic feature of making a video calls. Yes, you heard it right, Skype is developing a new 3D video calls feature to its upcoming new edition. A senior executive of Skype has official declared that they are working really hard to unleash a new version of Skype featured with 3D video calls. Sounds like interesting, isn’t it? Catch the insights from here!

Skype 3D

According to an interview with the BBC news, the wise president of Skype has uncovered something very special to the new edition of Skype. Skype, the best and the most popular video calling site with its own free app. Skype app is available for almost all kinds of smartphone platforms. Skype has tremendously been doing great and serving its unbeatable services to the people around the globe and it is the only and the best place to stay touched with the people who live quite far from your place.

Meanwhile, the feature looks quite messy at the moment as he also has said that to make a 3D video calls through this app, you need to set up a whole new environment with some more additional cameras with a perfect angle. To make the feature work, developers of Skype have been working hard and soon they will set up all the things done!

Skype’s senior president has also said that, you will be seeing many more tech updates and devices which would be based upon the same 3D technology. As far as the technology is concerned, 3D technology is only left in such techno devices. And to keep the interest of its users alive, techno giants have to bring something new and innovative. Skype has a clear aim to keep the interest alive of its users by introducing this new 3D video calling feature. Fortunately, we could see some more tech updates from the other giants in terms of smartphones in the coming times.

Well, this is just an initial explanation of a coming new edition of Skype. Skype would be allowing you to make full HD video calls and many more other features in the future. For that, stay tuned with us, we are here to serves such hot tech updates!


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