SkotGat Needs Your Feedback as a Reader : Please Help

Hello and I hope you’re all having a pretty good time out there, whichever part of the world you’re in. Today, I’m writing this article to take a feedback from you about our site. We’ve been up since last six months since our launch date 9/11 and yes, we did went inactive for around 3 months since last mid November but now that we’re up and working and providing you some good articles, we need your feedback about how we can grow better.

You, the readers are our greatest wealth and the main reason of our success and I always love to include in our part of success whenever I share and this time, I need your honest feedback about how our site can function better and provide you more quality.

It would be great if you can spare 4-5 minutes and fill up a form below with some short and quick answers. I would be thankful and it’ll surely help us make the quality of SkotGat much better than it is, currently.

If you want to give more feedback about us, you can do it via contacting us or by leaving a comment below. Thank you very much and I’ll soon be back with a lot of improvement once I analyze and asses your feedback. Thanks,

Rahul Banker.

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