Sense 6 on HTC One (2013)

Anyone who has ever used a HTC device knows what Sense is. It’s the best custom UI/UX for Android and it’s nothing short of beautiful. Not only it’s beautifully designed, it focuses on practicality (unlike other skins) and keeping bloatware away. The best smartphone of 2013 came with the best custom Android UI and so will the successor of it, the HTC One (2014) aka M8. Launching on 25th March, HTC One (2014) will be the first device to come with Sense 6, a refined version of Sense. Flat UI is the new trend these days and that’s is why HTC has made Sense flatter and also a bit more colorful, but while the UI looks even more gorgeous than previous iterations, the most amazing thing about Sense 6 in my opinion is that it takes the same amount of RAM and internal storage space to run as Sense 5 took, which is amazing. On top of a sexy UI, HTC has also refined several areas of the skin, like the multitasking view and the camera UI and added a bunch of handy features, like screen-off gesture control (double tap to wake, swipe up to unlock, etc) and themes.

While there’s still 3 days left for the announcement of HTC One (2014) aka M8 and the new Sense 6 UI (which will soon make its way onto other HTC devices, like the HTC One (2013) aka M7 soon after launch), some ROM developers have already ported Sense 6 to the HTC One (2013) using the latest shipping system dump from the M8 prototype device. Although they won’t be releasing the ROM until the announcement, I have plenty of high resolution screenshots to share.


Sense 6

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