Now Send Free International SMS For Free From Your Phone

A great relief for all those who thinks that the SMS charges are making their wallet lighter. This one is specially for all those who frequently text to local or international numbers by paying huge amount of bucks in return. This works only awesomely as I have tested and sharing it with you all and I am sure, this time you’re going to love it!

This application works only for iDevices and Android powered phones having a healthy GPRS connection and having a Wi-Fi will be an icing on the cake. So, my apology to other device users. HeyWire is an application for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and android which provides unlimited text not only from any particular country but from almost 146+ countries and these supported countries can send SMS to any other mobile phone which has a capability to receive messages in their inbox. In short, this is pure awesomeness!

This is not an application like WhatsApp or BBM messenger but it is an application which provides you a private US number for yourself when you first signup  which you can use to send/receive messages. The recipient will receive it as a normal text SMS when you will send from this application.

Check this page to know those 146 countries from which you can use this service. Well, even if your carrier is not listed there in the list, try it out because it works whereas it was the same case for me as well.


  • Send free SMS to almost any phone in the whole wide world
  • Free US phone number for yourself with which you can Send/Receive messages
  • Works for free with iPhone/Android devices
  • Gtalk and Facebook chat integration as well
  • You can send group message to 10 person at once

Download: App Store | Android Market

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