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Getting an iPhone 4S? Sell Your iPhone 4 in $250 (No Questions Asked)

Hey guys, this is something exclusive and something very interesting for you if you have an iPhone 4 which will soon be replaced by all new iPhone 4S as mentioned by apple. Now if you think that you will get less value for your old iPhone then here is something for you where you can sell your old iPhone 4 in $250 without any questions asked to you if you have your iPhone 4 working in a good condition.

Before I start, I would like to let you know about what apple is planning. Apple has announced their apple event which will be on October 4. Mind it : It’s an apple event and there is no official date announced for iPhone 4S launch as per my information. So, apple might announce the iPhone 4S launch date at the apple event on October 4.

NextWorth is guaranteeing $250 for all 16GB and 32GB AT&T iPhone 4’s! If you are planning on buying a new iPhone 4S which will be released soon then you may consider selling your old iPhone 4 when you’re getting this mighty deal.

sell iPhone 4 in good price

The only qualification your iPhone need is that it should not be scratched heavily and should not have any cracks. It should be powering on in its usual mode as shown in the pic above.

So, what are you waiting for? This is a deal one should not miss if you’ve made up your mind to go for an iPhone 4S for sure!

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