How to Secure Your Windows 10 PC

How to Secure Your Windows 10 PC

Nowadays people seem to be more into the digital world than the real one. Every individual is now using a computer, tablet or smartphone to get many of their routine things done. One can easily buy things online or make transactions and payments. Apart from all the good things, there are some bad things also. Hackers and other Internet threats are hard at work trying to steal your personal data. In order to keep your PC secure from such threats, your PC needs to be protected. If you are using a Windows PC and recently upgraded it with the latest Windows 10, know how you can secure your Windows 10 PC from viruses just by following a few simple tips given below!

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secure windows 10 pc

Tip 1: Install a proper Antivirus Program on your PC

You can easily defend your computer against unwanted malware and other Internet threats just by installing the best antivirus program on your PC. There are a number of security tools available for a Windows PC, however you can decide which one is the best one for you by reading users’ reviews. Before moving ahead, you have to collect proper data of it so that you can use it hassle free. Such antivirus programs scan an entire PC’s files one by one. It warns you if there’s some malware installed in your system. You can delete or remove that file to save your PC. So make sure to install a proper security tool on your PC first.

WOT for windows 10 PC

Tip 2: Use the WOT Plugin

WOT is also known as Virus Removal Guide, which is used to identify potentially unwanted program which can be harmful for your system. Such unwanted program coverts your files to viruses and gradually your PC will become caught up! Fortunately, the WOT Plugin is available in different forms for different systems. You can purchase this tool or you can even install an additional plugin on your browser. WOT Plugin is available for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers and you can easily install it by searching for the WOT plugin.

Tip 3: Using a proper Firewall

Using a Firewall can actually protect your PC from unwanted Internet threats. It warns you if any malware attacks occurred on your PC. It keeps your PC secured and blocks all unwanted viruses. It also blocks hackers from stealing your PC’s data. Usually you can get a high quality firewall with your antivirus software.

Tip 4: Use a Pop-up blocker

Whenever we surf different websites on a PC, we see a number of advertisements popping up on the screen. Such advertisements can be harmful. In order to keep your PC secured, you have to use a pop-up blocker in your browser. A pop-up blocker can be used easily as it placed at the end of the address bar. Therefore, you can block or unblock popups right from the address bar.

Windows System updates

Tip 5: Keep your System Updated

It is always recommended to keep your entire system updated with all the latest software updates. You have to keep all the programs and security tools running as smoothly as possible. But you have to turn on Windows automatic update option so that the system can receive such updates. You will see these updates on your screen and you can select them right from there. Make sure you are connected to a good Internet connection before downloading any such new updates onto your system.

secure windows 10 pc

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