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Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs And Features

The most awaited moment is here, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been officially released and mark my words, it’s a ultra smartphone you’ve ever seen till today. A phone designed for Humans which combines technology with nature to provide a beautiful device to us which not only completes our tasks perfectly but which listens, sees and understands us. It’s intuitively simple and amazingly smart. It has a seamless design, super graphics quality, incredibly sharp display and an excellent user-interface. Let’s have a closer look at it’s astonishing specifications and features.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Full Specifications :

  1. It comes packed with a large vived 4.8 inch 720p super AMOLED screen with massive colour saturation on which you’ll enjoy watching your photos and videos.
  2.  It’s a 8.6mm long device with a slim bezel so as to balance the 4.8 inch screen and weighs only 133g.
  3.  It comes with a 8MP rear camera which clicks the best photos for you with zero shutter lags.
  4. It runs on Android 4.0 ICS, has a 1.4GHz Quad Core processor, 1GB RAM and has the models available are of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB as well with a micros SD card slot.
  5. Talking about the connectivity, Samsung Galaxy S3 supports Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and even the LTE network.

Features which makes Galaxy S3 An Outstanding Phone :

  • A new voice recognition software called S Voice, which let’s you have your command over your phone. You can say ” Hi, Galaxy” to wake up your Galaxy S3. Don’t worry it recognizes only the phone owner’s voice.
  • Galaxy S3 predicts our intentions, you can make calls or even increase or decrease the volume just by using your expressions.
  • Smart Stay – It remains awake when you fall asleep and keeps a track of the missed calls and texts received, also the S Voice supports 8 languages.
  • Smart Alert – This feature keeps you updates with the Smart Stay’s records and buzzes when you hold your S3 after waking up.
  • Direct Call – By this feature which uses motion recognition and proximity sensor, you can directly call to the person whom you were about to text without pressing any button while holding the phone to your ears.
  • Social Stay – A very impressive feature which keeps you connected to your loved ones and which recognizes your friends in the photos you click and links directly to their social profiles.
  • Other minute features introduced are the All Share Cast Dongle which allows you to use your S3 as a projector for any screen, All Share Play which gives you remote access to all your docs, videos, images or other files.
  • Group Cast – Another great feature which allows you to share and see with your friends on the same Wi-Fi network and also comment or like the things you share etc.
  • S Beam – This master feature is inspired from Android beam which makes it very easy to share between to S3’s and bond them easily. It has NFC and Wi-Fi direct together which makes it the fastest and easiest way to share content.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3’s camera has got some amazing features like zero shutter lag, can take 3.3 shutter shots per second, 20 burst shots per second which is fantastic and with the Best Photo feature, it selects the best image from those 20 burst clicks.
  • Buddy Share – Shares the photo with all those people who are tagged in it instantly. HD self video recording with front camera and capture images simultaneously in between.
  • S Pebble the MP3 player of Galaxy S3, supports every video codecs and also has the game hub, movies, music hub with over 17m songs. It also ships with a wireless charging kit, Wi-Fi channel bomber doubles the speed.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Price will be about 38k INR as declared by Samsung and the market price would be aroung 34k INR for Indians. Samsung Galaxy S3‘s 3G version will be going on sale from May 29th in Europe followed by Africa and other countries globally. It will be available only in two colours, Pebble Blue and Marble White as they said. Well this is an excellent piece let out by Samsung which will give a tough competition to the HTC’s One Series phones. Share with us what do you think about this new incredible Samsung Galaxy S3.


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