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15 Quick Tips on How to Recover from Google Panda

I’ve been hearing this “Google Panda” word since a long time now and people are making too much noise about it everywhere I go. They’ve been asking me about my experiences with Panda algorithm updates by Google and the ways to recover from Google Panda updates and I did even ask the same question if my readers would like to read my opinions and tips about Google Panda and I was stunned by the response I got. People are actually awaiting to know and find the solution. So, here I am.

One thing I must need to inform you that “There is no perfect cure to Google Panda”. Mark my words. People selling services to save you from Panda are no real ninjas. They are just doing their business and I can guarantee you that even they can not give you the guarantee in writing. So, Teaching or sharing recovery from Panda updates are just about sharing the obvious things, sharing the experiences and nothing more than that.

Below, you’ll find some quick points you definitely need to follow if your website has been affected by Google Panda. No doubt, I’ll be writing more about each of the points I’m listing down below but this is just to make a quick list of actions which should be taken immediately to make the site better. Enjoy!

google panda updadte


  1. Keep good Server Speed
  2. Page Speed should be made better
  3. Improve and add meaningful Meta Tags
  4. More Internal Links
  5. Avoid Duplication of Content
  6. Lower your bounce rate (It’s the most effective factor)
  7. Remove sloppy contents from your website
  8. Remove or improve less traffic earning pages on your website
  9. Have at least 2 paras of content along with Photos and Videos are added advantage
  10. Make sure your main Article Title and Description are visible within 450 px Above the fold
  11. Writing for Humans
  12. Improve user experience
  13. Improve over-optimized pages
  14. Stop content spamming
  15. Focus and create quality content for users and search engine both

That’s it for now. This was a very quick article by me just to inform you about the immediate steps to be taken to save or recover from Google Panda update. I will see you soon with descriptive articles about each and every point listed above. Till then, keep having a good time. Cheers.

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