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Planning to Buy an iPad 3? Sell your Old iPad for the Best Price

Just a week to go before the iPad 3 gets unveiled and as per a poll conducted by a well known blog, there are 52% people waiting for the iPad 3 just because they’re surely going to buy! WOW, isn’t that a huge number? and out of those, there’ll be many who’ve already got an iPad! So, if you’re one of them, here’s how you can sell off your old iPad or iPad 2 for the best possible price before you buy an iPad 3!

sell ipad buy ipad 3

Gazell looks a good source to sell off your prices. Gazelle is currently offering $240 for a 32GB WiFi-only iPad 2 in good condition. Quotes will only decrease as Apple’s rumored announcement approaches.

Nextworth is another good alternative to Gazell. At nextworth, you just need to fill out some details and it’ll tell you how much you’ll get paid for your old iPad. The maximum price it offers for a 16 GB white wifi iPad 2 is $286 cash.

Ebay has always been a good source to sell things off but there has been a decline in resale value of the old iPads as the launch date of iPad 3 is nearing. If you’re not selling it on Gazelle or Nextworth, you can try Craiglist where you can directly get some potential buyers for your old iPad.

Radioshack Exchange is another impressive way to sell your old iPad or iPad 2. You can make about $320 for a 32GB WiFi-only iPad 2, and the great thing is that it doesn’t require you to ship your product. You just have to visit your nearest Radioshack Exchange store and drop your iPad off for cash.

Amazon will take a 32GB WiFi-only iPad 2 in good condition for about $360, but you’ll have to factor in the price and inconvenience of shipping and handling. You’ll get an Amazon gift card in return for your iPad trade-in.

There are plenty of ways to sell off your old iPad or iPad 2 but the key is to send it as soon as possible because as the iPad 3 launch date is nearing, the price is decreasing and after the availability of iPad 3, you’re going to get a very low price for your old iPad! So, what are you waiting for? Just do let me know for how much you sold your old iPad!

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