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7 Pinterest SEO Ideas to Take Your Blog to Next Level

Pinterest is said to be the fastest growing social network and I too believe that it is really catching up with the pace of the evolution process and now as I analyzed it, Pinterest is a good way to cash in the SEO benefits it has to offer in its early stage and when no one is really caring enough to do that! Yes, presenting you some insights on how you can get Pinterest SEO benefits.

1. Pinterest to Facebook

Pinterest allows you to show your activity on your facebook profile as well so as you browse or perform any activity on Pinterest and it’ll be shown on your news feed as well as on the Facebook ticker. You can also promote your pins on Twitter and Flickr as well so it’s a good opportunity to showcase your pins on other social networks.

2. Link Building Opportunities

Because pinterest is the fastest growing social network, the domain authority is also increasing and soon it will have a very strong domain authority which will give your domain get some authority as well so showcasing your images on their pins with your link will allow you to take advantage of some quality link building as well!

3. Enhance your Keyword Strategy

Google is now indexing personal pinterest profiles and not only that, Google is also indexing pinterest private boards which means, If you have got your boards with the keyword you’re targeting your domain, it is definitely a good deal to go for and it is surely going to ripe you some sweet fruits in upcoming time!

4. Add “Pin it” buttons to your blog

Pinterest allows buttons just like they’re for Facebook like, share and also as twitter’s tweet button. You can add “pin it” button to your blog and it will enable users to share your article images on Pinterest with a link back which is again an awesome idea!

5.  Use commonly search keywords

The best way to optimize is to think how the search engine user thinks. Just use common keywords used by people to search for their favorite or the things they’re looking for exactly and it makes wonders, trust me on that and it’ll boost your pinterest SEO

6. Better analytics with Pinterest

One big reason why I think Pinterest is better than Facebook is because when you trace your Google analytics, it shows more details than what it gives for a Facebook source gives. Analytics will tell you which item of content earned the referral click and allow you to click through and see that item on Pinterest.

7. A picture is worth thousand words

Now here’s something you will surely agree with. You can explain many words by just one image and that’s a beauty of this line. So, if you showcase your images with a linkback, it is sure to get more attention than what you get on Facebook with link sharing etc and it’ll also help you gain more quality traffic to your website.

So, these were my insights on Pinterest SEO ideas we can implement or at least I’m going to implement. How about you? (Me on Pinterest)

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