Nokia Launches Their First Android Devices with Nokia X at MWC 2014

Stephen Elop takes the stage set up at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona with a certain punctuality: the former CEO of Nokia is ready to join us in the new ads of the Finnish company, and began talking of important data. The  10% market share  was conquered by Windows Phone on various European markets – including Italy – and also emerging markets, where smartphones of good quality sold at low prices, as the bestselling Lumia 520 , are the true champions of sales.The other winner from the Windows Phone is the spectacular camera phone Lumia 1020 , with its innovative camera of 41 MP. 

Not only devices : the gap with other mobile OS is more and more reduced, and the most important apps are all there. The next few weeks we will also see the landing of BBM, the messaging app which is well known to BlackBerry users, and Photoshop Express, useful for photo editing on the move. By another event Microsoft also announced that Facebook Messenger will arrive soon on Windows Phone devices.

Elop also announced the new version 1.1 Imaging SDK , the core software of the photographic department of the Lumia phones: the update will bring more options for developers who create apps that interact with the optics of the cell, while improving both performance that the quality of the final shot.

The market for mobile ultra-affordable is huge, and Nokia wants to conquer it with a variety of devices with diverse and competitive prices. The time has therefore come: Stephen Elop announced Nokia X and X + , both based on Android and with the same paradigm of design already seen on other products. App runs on the operating system created by Google services accompanied by Microsoft and Nokia especially as MixRadio and Maps. Android developers can bring their app in a few hours and put them on the Nokia Store, or install additional stores such as Amazon or Yandex. Alternatively, you can rely on the load and then sideload the apk of the app.

Nokia X has an interface that is a mix between Android, Asha OS and Windows Phone : we find a homescreen tiles to be accompanied by FastLine seen before, plus other elements of Android as the center of notifications.

But the surprises are not finished, Stephen Elop took the stage to announce its variant even bigger. Nokia XL features a large 5-inch IPS display, 5MP rear camera and 2MP front. Same OS, but a more convenient, yet with the ability to install two sim simultaneously.

The Nokia X is available now for $122 (90 euros). The Nokia X+ will be available sometime in the second quarter for $136 (100 euros). The Nokia XL will also be on sale in the second quarter for $150 (110 euros) (plus tax of your country).

No new Lumia, therefore, we will probably have to wait for Microsoft to announce something which is prepared in April launch with Windows Phone 8.1, the new version of its mobile OS that promises to be really full of news.

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