All you need to about the Nexus Q : The Media Streamer

Google I/O 2012 is by far the best keynote we have ever seen. They released a couple of new devices like Nexus 7 Tablet other than the Android JellyBean 4.1 and updates to Google+. As Google said that they have a few surprises, they kept their promise. They released a new device which Google developed from scratch, the Nexus Q.

Nexus Q is a media streamer, but not just a streamer. It is designed with Android in the core of it. If you go at its looks, it would first look like a fancy round portable speaker. But don’t be mistaken, its a whole new experience within itself.

If you are an Android fanboy and have Android devices, a phone or even a tablet, this device is set to blow your living room away! Google is dubbing the Nexus Q as the “World’s first social streaming media player”, but according to me, it’s not that social since you only can connect Android devices with it.

For connectivity, it has a micro HDMI, NFC and Bluetooth. It also as an ethernet, micro USB, optical audio output and the standard banana speaker jack output. The best thing is that it also has a built-in amplifier so that you can connect it directly to other usual bookshelf speakers and it won’t require you an additional amplifier.

You can easily stream TV shows and movies purchased from the Google Play store on the Nexus Q. The best part is it’s backward compatibility. We thought that it would only be compatible with ICS+ devices, but its even compatible with Gingerbread.

It is definitely a tough competitor of the AirPlay and Apple TV, which is almost 1/3 of its price but also competes with other DLNA and media streamers like XBox and Playstation. The Nexus Q will make its debut this fall and will be priced at around 300 USD or 16,000 INR.

What do you think about the Nexus Q? Will you be buying one? please share you thoughts in the comments below!

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