MWC 2014: All That We Can Expect

A few days and then Barcelona will be filled with journalists and fans of technology, for all the usual MWC (Mobile World Congress). News, anticipations and hopes, let’s see what awaits us.  It is fast approaching :  one of the most important events in the world of mobile technology. In some ways I think this is without a doubt one of the most anticipated moments for the mobile and technology fans. As you must be aware, from the Mobile World Congress there has always been devices launched which “ruled” on the scene during the course of the following months after their submission. In particular, it makes me think of the famous HTC One, presented almost unnoticed and become the undisputed star of last year (both positive and negative).

For those who are completely unaware of this tech event, I can tell you that these companies, more or less all of them, although obviously not all would present something meaningful but still  the watchword is to be there, to be seen and attract attention. Participate in this event means to get a hands on to the devices that hit the market within a few weeks, so they can see and test preview is a valid reason to realize what will be the trends in the coming months.

Among all the companies, definitely one of the most anticipated is Nokia . The Finnish house should present its first Android smartphone, although the mystique of this terminal is still pretty thick. Obviously not only Android, but also other innovations and new variants of the Lumia family. Last year, Nokia introduced 4 new terminals, we are sure that in 2014 we will not miss anything.

Let us now talk about LG . For this MWC 2014, the Korean company will present to the audience the mini version of one of its most successful devices. We are obviously talking about the G2 mini, a terminal that will match shapes and solutions of the much more famous G2. The hope of many users is that LG decides to follow the excellent trend introduced by Sony with its Z1 Compact with smaller but the same internal hardware. Certainly a mini G2 with hardware “classic” might be a really interesting product, especially for those who are not too fond of the large terminals. Another innovation will come from G Pro 2, a phablet inspired by the G2 but with enhanced hardware and adapted to the characteristics of the terminal. You’ll never see in Europe? Maybe so, but as usual lags behind the U.S..

Let us now turn to another Korean company. Someone said Samsung? Surely the company will present something interesting, although on this occasion we know almost everything. We start from Notes 3 ​​Neo, a mini phablet (pass the word) with hardware closer to Note 2 (now discontinued) but with styling solutions similar to those taken in its larger brother. The usefulness of this terminal? For me is probably zero, but before you make a final decision I want to put your hands over Barcelona. Other devices will almost certainly present the highly anticipated Galaxy S5 , even though I am almost certain that what we will see will be only one variant of the flagship Samsung. What does this mean? The latest rumors takes two different version of S5, one in plastics (including artificial leather rear) and an all-aluminum. Samsung may decide to divide the presentations: Barcelona the “basic” version, later the premium version. Obviously there are also rumors regarding the successor Gear, a device that has not received the desired results and that’s exactly why it might be replaced soon. We’ll see. A parenthesis smaller will then be dedicated to Tizen, OS that apparently during the year will be mounted on a line of Samsung devices.

And HTC ? After the huge media return of last year, many speculate the successor of One. What we can exclude right now is only the name, which almost certainly will not be the HTC One 2 as many speculate. Certainly this is one of the most anticipated device, especially for those like me who literally worshiped One. Will HTC be able to replicate the success achieved in 2013? Decide to do so on the occasion of MWC 2014? We do not yet have enough evidence to say for sure. According to statements of the company, we will also see new devices belonging to a lower-end, more affordable for everyone.


And Sony? Almost certainly the headlights will be on Z1 Compact, although in this case we do not talk more of a novelty in an absolute sense. a successor Z1? Well, after the “trick” trimmed to the owners of Xperia Z at the IFA 2013 in Berlin, to assume a new version of the flagship of the Japanese could be a hypothesis rather than concrete. In network ,already runs the code name (Sirius) and a few more photos as truthful. Certainly the owners of Z1 will be happy about all this, like those of Xperia Z. Coming after a year also a new edition of  Xperia Tablet Z? We can not rule it out. More news could come from Huawei , both with the successor of P6 with new devices that will cover all price ranges. Someone also speaks of a smartwatch, a hypothesis that I personally think that is more concrete. Refresh now certain also on the tablet, which will get new MediaPad by price.

ZTE could also throw a couple of interesting terminals. Specifically, we are talking about a smartphone with Tizen software and hardware of the first order. The other “important” terminal may be the size of a phablet.

Space to Lenovo and Motorola , brands that have implemented their innovations already at CES 2014 covering the entire mobile segment. There will also be hardware manufacturers such as Intel, Mediatek or Qualcomm, which will offer new solutions that will be implemented in the products of this 2014. Of course attention will be devoted not only to smartphones and tablets, but also to many hybrid, convertible, accessories for all tastes and especially on wearable technologies, smartwatch, smartbracelet and so on and so forth. The Mobile World Congress is the paradise for ancient technology, a huge carousel in media which one can hardly resist.

Obviously not only fun but also a lot of work, especially for those who must adhere faithfully to the news of the MWC in 2014 to its readers, one hurdle to overcome at least once in your life if you want to talk about technology through the pages of a specialized website. I am sure that on this occasion I will find a lot of professionalism and seriousness in all of my colleagues. Unfortunately there will also be some excess part of those who feel superior to others. This is also the Mobile World Congress and must be taken into account.

Now lacks very little at the beginning of this event. Are you ready to dream? Which device is expecting more anxiety? If you feel like our comments are at your disposal … tell us yours. Stay tuned to MWC14 for all the coverage of Mobile World Congress on SkotGat with in-depth details and analysis. We promise you one of the best coverage you can find. See you on the other side 😉

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