Mobile Games for this Summer

When it comes to the summer months, we don’t necessarily think of gaming – the sun is out, the BBQs are lit, and so attention naturally turns to other more conventional summer activities. And yet there is no end of games released in the summer, even more so in the mobile gaming sector. Due to the abundance of great titles ready and waiting for you to download them, what better way to help you decide than giving you a rundown of the top mobile games currently on the market.


Pokemon Go

This is probably the most obvious one to be on the list, but considering it has generated such a large of amount of hype in a relatively short space of time, how could we not mention the that latest instalment of the Japanese franchise. Available to download for free, it works on IOS and Android phones and is a great way to actually combine the summer weather and staying activate. Seeing as you have to go in search of Pokemon, you may as well take your phone on your next walk and fill up that Pokedex.

Online Casinos

Okay, there are quite a few to choose from, but seeing as there’s an impressive selection of activities available online at Betway Casino, it makes the most sense to start there. This is great for both single and multiplayer gaming, and allows you to win some cash back, which let’s face it , nearly no other type of app or game lets you do. It is, obviously, geared towards over 18s, but seeing as it is the party and festival season, what better way to pass the time in between gigs or around the campfire?

Epic Skater

You’ve seen no end of movies that show skateboarding in the prime of the summer time, boys and girls doing tricks and their eager fans whooping as they go. Well, this title allows you to experience that, but without the need to invest in a board and try to actually… you know… skate. It is an endless runner game, meaning you can keep going as long as you want, provided you can keep up. While it isn’t the most revolutionary activity out there, it’s pretty sweet for the hot summer months and is something you can get competitive with among friends.


If you like a side of creepy with your games then Limbo is going to tick all the right boxes; showcasing silhouette graphics and a sombre soundtrack, it’s quite a foreboding game that builds tension despite it being a lower budget mobile game (it is available on console too). It is one of the very few titles where it feels more like a moving form of art than a game, which only succeeds in intensifying the experience. It isn’t free, but it is well worth the £3.99 hit.


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