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What’s new in Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

Microsoft unveiled the consumer preview of Office 2013 on Monday, bringing a brand new design which works across all devices, whether they have mouse/keyboard combo, touch or stylus, along with lots of new features and full cloud integration. “We are taking bold steps at Microsoft,” Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft said at the press conference in San Francisco. “The new, modern Office will deliver unparalleled productivity and flexibility for both consumers and business customers. It is a cloud service and will fully light-up when paired with Windows 8.”

Here is the list of the top 10 new features present in Office 2013:

Full Touch Support

Office 2013 is now fully touch friendly. It responds naturally to a user’s touch, and you can perform all sorts of gestures, like pinching and zooming, swiping across the screen, and more.


Office, by default, saves all your documents to your SkyDrive account, which means all your contents are synced across all your devices (PC, phone, laptop, etc) and are available for immediate use.


You can now use the stylus to create notes and content, hand-write responses and get it automatically converted to text, and more. The stylus can also be used as a laser pointer during presentations.

New Subscription services

Office 2013 is available as a cloud-based subscription service, which means you’ll automatically get future upgrades along with great cloud services, including extra SkyDrive storage and free Skype credits. Users can also install Office for multiple devices in the family with one license, and all of them will be connected via cloud.


Office now comes integrated with Skype, giving users 60 minutes of Skype world minutes every month. You can also integrated Skype contacts into Lync and IM/call anyone on Skype.


Follow people, teams, documents and sites in SharePoint. View and embed pictures, videos and Office content in activity feeds to stay current and updated.

Reading & Markup

The new Read Mode in Word provides a modern and easy-to-navigate reading experience to users, that automatically adjusts for small and large screens. Zoom out and in of content, view revision points, stream videos within documents and use touch to flip between pages.

Take Notes Digitally

Digital note taking allows you to keep your notes handy in the cloud and across multiple devices with OneNote. Users can take notes with touch, stylus or mouse/keyboard, or use them together and switch quickly back and forth.

Presenter View

PowerPoint 2013 features a brand new Presenter View that privately shows your upcoming and current slides, elapsed and total presentation time, and speaker notes in a single glance. While presenting, you can zoom in or out, navigate slides and mark up with touch, stylus or keyboard/mouse. Lync now includes support for multiparty HD video with presentations, shared OneNote notebooks and a virtual whiteboard for collaborative brainstorming.

PDF Editing

You can finally edit PDF files using Microsoft Word. Previously, you’d need third party software, which normally wasn’t free. After giving this feature a try, Engadget‘s Wollman noted, “We had no problem taking a PDF email attachment, typing in additional material, saving it as a PDF and then viewing it in Windows Reader.” It may not be the most exciting update, “but it is certainly one of the most useful.”

There are so many other new features that you will experience after you install Office 2013. To download, visit Remember, you’ll need Windows 7 or above to run Office 2013 on your computer. Vista and XP are no longer supported.

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