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Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 8 : Interesting Features

Here at the Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft just revealed the most anticipated Windows Phone 8 codenamed “Apollo”.  They call it “the next chapter in the windows journey”, a big step towards improving their mobile software by adding support for multi-core processors, higher screen resolutions and better wireless technologies like NFC.  Also previous versions of Windows Phone were based on Microsoft’s old mobile OS, Windows CE but now the platform will share the same source code as the upcoming Windows 8 desktop OS.

Some Specs and Features to shed Light On :

  • Specs : Supports multi-core devices, better screen resolutions including 720p and 1,280 x 768 (WXGA), Micro SD support has been added as well.
  • Internet Explorer 10 will power the web experience on Windows Phone 8. It has first class HTML 5 support.  We’ve already seen the preview on PC, and it is faster, more compatible and better in general.
  • Wallet Feature : Better sharing with NFC : To give their users a unique experience, Microsoft introduces the Wallet feature which allows you to use your credit and debit cards, acces saved deals and also supports NFC “Tap to Pay”.
  • Native code is now possible (C/C++) especially for games, which is very important to game developers. Now they can not only compile fast code, but they can also port existing games to this platform.
  • Better Navigation : As there were rumors, Windows Phone 8 will integrate Nokia mapping data which also includes offline map support and turn-by-turn navigation.
  • More Secured Apps : It’s a phone “Ready for business”, Windows Phone 8 will support encryption of data, secure boot. IT departments will also be able to deploy apps remotely without accessing the phones.

They have included that current Lumia phones won’t get updated to Windows 8. So what do you think about this new Windows Phone 8 ? Did it’s features and specs win your hearts ? Do share your views through comments, we would love to hear from you. Stay tuned to us as we bring in more updates about this breaking news in upcoming time.

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