Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 8, What’s So Awesome?

Hello people! As we all know that it has been a huge week for Microsoft with the launch of Windows 8 worldwide just a couple of days ago, Today it has made another huge announcement. Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 8 for the mobile devices. Windows Phone 8 basically focuses on improving the personal smartphone experience for the end user. Microsoft has framed Windows Phone 8 with the idea of making it a socializer in this huge circle of smartphones addicts. Not running behind the idea of producing excessive speeds and ‘very’ creative designs for the interface of a smartphone, Windows Phone 8 is looking forward to reinvent the smartphone with an overall balanced recipe of mobile technology. Dig through, to know what all happened at the launch event in San Francisco.

Windows Phone 8

Features that make Windows Phone 8 Outstanding

  1. Live Tiles and Lock Screen with Live Apps : Windows Phone 8 refines the user experience for a smartphone user by introducing the small live app tiles which update in real time on your home-screen. The totally customizable lock screen powered by live apps is an awesome feature which surfaces all the notifications, pictures and content from other apps too.
  2. New Facebook, Twitter and Skype Apps : Microsoft releases the refreshed Facebook app which allows you to access all your content directly from your live lock screen and also has a improved performance. The Skype app is the major update which allows to receive calls and messages even when the app isn’t running without draining the battery. Joe also mentioned that popular apps like Temple Run, Angry Birds Star Wars are coming soon.
  3. Pandora and XBox Music : Windows Phone 8 will be getting a Pandora app soon in early 2013 which will offer free music streaming for a year without any ads. While the XBox Music is the new thing which is for the music freaks, you just need a XBox Music pass and you’ll be able to stream more than 30M songs, playlists will be updated on cloud itself.
  4. Data Sense : This is the best feature which I personally liked the most. Now you’ll be able to surf web more and use less data. Data Sense compresses the data used while surfing. It optimizes your web experience to the fullest. While testing, it was found that 45 percent more web browsing is possible with Data Sense turned on, that’s just awesome right?Data Sense
  5. Kids Corner And Rooms : A perfect environment created for kids where parents can select the apps from the Kids Corner which they want their kids to play with, the kids can also access those apps or games even if the screen is locked. Rooms is a concept for people’s hub where users can share lists, calendars, and photos all at one place. Rooms is accessible only by invitations. Microsoft claims that this feature works with iPhone as well, but not Android.

Ballmer also talked about how Windows Phone is the best if you’re a Windows 8 user as you can remain connected always through the cloud system. He also introduced the all new Samsung ATIV S, the unbelievably thing and incredibly light, 1.5GHz dual-core powered smartphone. He also mentioned how Nokia Lumia 920 will prove out to be one of the best Windows Phones launched. Samsung ATIV Odyssey will be launched in December while Lumia 920, 820 and HTC 8X will go on AT&T from November 14th hopefully.

So this was my small take on the all new Windows Phone 8 launched by Microsoft this morning. I hope you enjoyed reading the post. It really seems that Windows would be really overtaking iOS and Android in the late future with such powerful beginning in the world of smartphones as well as PC and tablet market. What do you think about Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? Do you think Windows Phone 8 will make a mark or will drop down soon?

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