How to Make The Most Out of YouTube

YouTube, being one of the most popular broadcasting websites over the generations offers some really exciting features, which most of us ignore unknowingly. So here we present to you some of the tricks which you can employ to make the most out of YouTube and use them generate traffic in your site. Though it is also equally important that your YouTube video have numbers of comments as this will add glory to your video, one of the easiest way is to visit if you want to promote your video easily on YouTube. Now coming back to how you can make most of your YouTube hope you all will like and implement these easy tricks mentioned in this article.


The first and foremost step is having an Account. If you have not registered yet, surely you are missing all the fun. If you are going to use this as a business account, then it would be preferable to have the name of your company as the username or opt for some name which will help you to highlight your brand. Once you secure a username of your choice, next you have to fill in some formalities.

The next step is to optimize your video content.

Though most of you think that the quality and content of video is all that matters, but there are a few more things which may help you to entertain your audience.

The File name: It seems a quite lame issue, but your subscribers would definitely like to see some names which are relevant and exciting. As in, vid10123 is a very lame name, but “how to kiss a girl” is something which your subscribers would like to see.

Title: One of the prominent mistakes up loaders do is to give the same title for their videos. While naming a video, it’s a better to put yourself in place of the searcher and think what he will type to search the video.

The next important thing is the tags. Avoid long phrases and also try including all the titles/ descriptions in it.

Optimizing your video channel is the next step. YouTube channel’s layout should have a new design which should appeal to your audience, this helps in increasing your subscribers. You can also try some channel art. Don’t forget to add your website and social profile links, and arrange these links according to increasing order of priority. Also add a little description about your company in the about information.

The next step is the most important step: community building

You can find friends by searching for people who are local to your locations. Also find friends by searching for videos with your keywords. Once you have gathered some audience starting interacting with them by giving them responses, or posting a video comment in their videos. These comments will ensure that those who watch their videos will compare it with yours.


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