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How to Make Google Now Launcher Work For Other Devices than Nexus [APK]

As we say : “Highly Customizable” for Androdi OS and it stands true everytime we hear about a new launcher getting reviewed like Smart Launcher, Dodol, ADW, Go or any other launcher but sometimes they just fail to give us a feel like home and that applies to my personal favorite “Avitate” as well. But here’s something I recently used and liked : Google Now Launcher. Google decided that its stock Android launcher should be available to download and released it to the the Play Store under the label Google Now Launcher and here we have it!The launcher is officially launched and available from the Google Play store exclusively for Nexus devices and phones which are Nexus edition. But here we have an APK which works with any phone you install it to and trust me, this launcher is beautiful and looks seriously awesome.

The launcher also includes new wallpapers, a transparent app drawer with large app icons, and a transparent status bar. Launchers replace your phone’s built-in home screen and app drawer, but most of them don’t alter your phone’s settings menus or notification drawer.

One of the biggest changes involves the search box at the top of the home screen. While the old Android launcher was basically a home screen app with a search widget tacked on, the Google Now Launcher is basically a Google Search app with a home screen tacked on. For the first time users on Nexus, it also gives a migrating option from the old or stock launcher as in the image below :


If you’re having a Nexus device, this app should be available from the Play Store link provided below and if you’re having any other phone than you can easily download the APK from the link given below, install it and it should work as smooth as it does for the Nexus phones. I tried it on my HTC One and it is working perfectly fine. If you’re installing it from an APK, make sure you’re allowing your phone to install files from untrusted sources and to confirm that, go to Settings  > Security.

Download Google Now Launcher : Play Store | Download APK

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