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4 Reasons why Mac is Better than Windows

There have been a lot of claims that Windows is better than Mac OS X. Programmers say that by using Windows they get a more open-ended environment while gamers say that Mac is terrible for gaming. Other people just say that the price of a Windows machine is very less compared to Mac.

After all these claims you must be thinking that Windows is obviously better than a Mac, but did you know that a Mac also has many advantages over Windows? Depending on what are you planing to do with your computer, it”s very much possible that you might find that your job is done in a far more easier and effective way on the Apple platform. Every Mac has some preloaded apps which are far more effective and are easily comparable to those expensive softwares which you buy for your PC. Read our review of Mountain Lion.

Here are four reasons which I think a Mac is better than windows.

1. Flexibility and Stability

Mac is a better OS, and it is undoubtedly more stable than a Windows computer. This is because Mac OS X is made for a specific set of hardware which are designed especially for Apple. This is something which allows developers to work within a complete and a perfect set of parameters. Unlike Windows, the limitations and needs of the OS are same across the board. On Windows you have different custom-built computers and you aren”t even sure if a particular software would work perfectly on your PC. This often ends up crashing your entire system.

If you are a Windows user, and you have experienced blue screen after loading a couple of memory hungry programs, you probably know what I”m talking about.

2. Mac App Store

I used Windows for about 14 years, and I still use it sometimes. If I wanted any software for a particular task, I had to google for some related softwares, see the reviews of the software and then downloaded it wondering if it would work just as fine on my computer. On a Mac, casino holland whenever I want an app for something, I just search for it on the App Store and download it; obviously I”m sure that it would work for my computer just as fine.

Updates are rather easy as well. All I need to do is just open up the Mac App Store and it shows me if any updates are available for the apps I have downloaded. If there are any updates available, I just need to click “Update”and all of my apps are updated at once. Like Windows, these is no buzzing around with different multiple software updates and updating them individually.

3. Included Software

While on Windows you can get Windows Live Essentials If you want which has Live Mail, Movie Maker etc. Mac OS X come preloaded with the iLife Suite. iLife has apps like iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto which are certainly better than Movie Maker and they are better in performing tasks which they are designed for. Without installing any 3rd party app, you can create music, edit your photo collection, and create or edit movies like a pro with iMovie.

You also get the default Mail app which is extremely easy to use and is far better than Windows Live Mail. Apart from this, you can schedule yourself with iCal and sync all your contacts to your iOS or Android device with AddressBook.

4. Less Threat to Viruses

Windows can never live without Anti-virus softwares. If you have been using Windows, you probably must have experienced a virus attack. Every time you are attacked by a virus, right after that you are searching for expensive anti virus programs. I won”t say that viruses don”t exist for Mac, but the number of viruses made for Mac are extremely less.

You can count them on your fingers, and it”s again very difficult for the virus to get onto your Mac and harm it in any manner.

These areĀ  just a few reasons why a Mac wins over Windows, but if you have any, or if you think Windows is better, feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments below!

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  • and what about it's hardware, the most faulty hardware is provided by apple , it's customer care is good even i would say better then i expected , i m not referring about apple desktop because i don't about it but i defiantly know about mac book pro and mac book they can't even run properly for 8 months , if in warranty then good other wise throw it in trash and and once ur warranty get over then they not very much interested in repairing properly

    • Hi Saurabh, I have a MacBook Pro which I have been using since 9 months but there is nothing to complain about it. And I'm sure, if I would be using Windows, I would have to format it every 3 months.

      • Lol, if your a someone that spends all his day downloading torrent-ed porn sure you would have to reformat every 3 months. Macs are a Fad and Fads go away. Next thing you know some other company with make something WAY cooler then Mac and then you will become the dreaded "Hipster"

  • Mac offers flexibility and security more than windows, but I still use Windows because it has variety of games and if we compare the specs; A windows PC with the same specification(of iMac) is far cheaper. That's why people prefer windows over mac.

    P.S: I love mac, i love apple.

  • Once you've had Mac you'll never go back – I am another recent switcher.

    • You are right, Ben. I'm a recent switcher as well, and now I would never go back to Windows!
      Thanks for your reply!

      Cheers! :)

  • Those reasons are not well thought through. As a tech for both platforms, I can tell you it's bull, except number 4 which is obvious. Reason number 1 is partially correct. Flexibility, no. Apple is not that flexible, only when you do things their way is it considered flexible. If the whole world was mac, it would be flexible, but if you run, on say, an Active Directory network, then you could be screwed depending on what policies you want to push as an administrator. Apple say they are fully capable of recieving all AD policies, but our own experience was nothing but frustration. You can blame Microsoft all you want, but at least they worked. Apple's are too chatty on networks and it bogs it down in large numbers. That's when dealing with them on enterprise levels. For a personal machine, I noticed them having more stability issues over time. Their internal components are cheaply made and are more likely to fail than most PC's sold on the market. I don't have to look up the statistics, I end up fixing more overpriced macs than PCs over a wide variety of models and a large number I might add. Reason 2, App store, are you kidding me? Limiting the developer community is not my idea of better, it's worse. Unfortunately, other companies have started to follow the same habits, and will slow down growth in decent software. Yes, you have to research online for decent PC software, but that gives an increase in variety and ability. Reason 3, not entirely true. Yes, you go to Apple store and buy a machine it will most likely come with the iLife suite, but it's not part of OSX. Try installing OSX by itself, and you will not see Garageband, iMovie, etc. You are still paying for that software to be included on the machine. Why else put those apps individually on the market also if everyone has them? Reason 4, yes, no viruses on Apple which keeps the company strong. However, because Apple is so secure in it's OS, it's one of the reasons for it's limitations. You will be living in an Apple box browsing the web, only to find that your identity can still be stolen by other means, web will not have all the functionality on Mac as a PC, and you will still see errors on your screen, don't deny it, you have at one point or another! It would all come down to what you use it for. If your uses stay within the confines of Apple computer's capabilities, then you will be fine, just make sure you have a fat wallet and buy Applecare because hardware failure is common in Apples, trust me, it is. Some series or models are better than others. Let's play this game, walk into an Apple store, and besides gift cards, try to find anything that cost less than $29.99. You will not find much, if anything at all. If Apple didn't charge so much for everything for the sakes of aesthetics then they would do so much better. Plus you get nickle and dimed to death for every accessory, plug, adapter, or case to complete the package. For a company so highly regarded, I hate to know they use ADHESIVE to hold some of their hardware together.

    • Hey, thanks for giving your views on this post.
      I'll be writing another one on "Why PC is better than Mac" soon, and I'll make sure to include your points in that.

      Cheers :)

  • Thanks Kshitij. I hope my comments are not an insult to your article or blog, it's well written. It's just like any other topic brought up, there is always a whole other level that the average consumer doesn't see going on (Especially with Apple's secrecy). That amount of info would probably take a book. Of course, Apple is not the only one to take shots at. I have had my share of rants towards Microsoft, HP, Dell, and other companies. If you really want to rant, download Windows 8 evaluation version. The first question my team mate in our office testing Windows 8 asked me was, "Ok, can you turn it off without hitting the power button?" I look forward to your next one.

  • Apple has a secert. An evil secert. Choose Microsoft and it won't hide anything.

  • I am a switcher and I can honestly say, I do not regret it in the slightest. No more glitchy, crashing OS or useless programs for me. Oh? Did you think I meant that I moved to Mac? No. I made the switch to good old Windows again, and there's no way in hell that I'm ever switching back.