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Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Full Review

A few days ago Apple released the developer preview of it”s upcoming operating system, Mac OS X Mountain Lion. With the operating system, Apple also released Xcode 4.4. This preview is only available for download to the Apple Developer Network members as of now. As an Apple developer, I had a chance to play with the operating system.

Mac os x mountain Lion review

In OS X Lion, Apple tried to put some iOS 4 features with iCloud, and this time again they have done the same thing. In Mountain Lion, Apple has incorporated many features of iOS 5 and apart from that, they have integrated iCloud really deep. Also now Launch Pad comes with a search feature.

In Mountain Lion, there are a number of changes in the default apps. For example, iCal and Address book have now changed into Calendar and Contacts. They have added seamless Twitter integration just like they did in iOS 5. Also in Mail, we used to have a feature called “Notes” which is now a separate app. We also have “Reminders” “Messages” and the best of all, now we have access to GameCenter right on our Macs!

mac os x mountain launchpad

iCloud integration

Apple has said that Mountain Lion is the first ever OS X release built with iCloud in mind for very easy setup and integration with apps. Notes, Mail, TextEdit Documents, Calendar and Contacts, all sync to iCloud, with our gaming records in Game Center.

mac os x mountain lion cloud integration

Any changes which you make in your documents are pushed across all your Apple devices so that your documents are always updated on-the-go. Apple also announced a new API in order to help the developers in making document-based apps work with iCloud.

Game Center

The arrival of Game Center means that you can play iOS users in the same game. This is probably the best thing which has happened to Mountain Lion. Apple has also demoed cross-platform games with Reckless Racing, and we are expecting many other games to follow soon.

mountain lion game center review

iOS integration

Reminders and Notes used to help you only on your iOS devices till now. Now, they help you create and track your to-dos and notes across all your Apple devices including Macs. One of the most eye catching things about this new OS is how Apple is trying to rename everything on its desktop to fall in line with it” mobile computing OS, iOS. iCal is now called Calendar, while Address Book has become contacts.

mountain lion iOS integration

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: iMessage

iMessage was a big hit on iOS 5, so Apple has the Messages app which takes it”s place of iChat, allowing you to continue your conversations which you could have started on Mac or any other iOS device. iMessages will work almost the same way as it does in iOS. Messaging is unlimited between Macs and iOS devices.

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1442" alt="mac os x slot machines mountain lion imessages” src=”×215.png” width=”300″ height=”215″ />

You also high-quality photos and full HD videos. The Messages app supports AIM, Jabber, Yahoo! Messenger and GTalk. This is one app (BETA) which is currently available as a free download to anyone on the Apple Website, so even if you have OSX Lion, you can have a try!


Just as in iOS 5, there”s a Notification Center that provides you with easy access on alerts from Mail, Calendar, Messages, Reminders, software updates and other third party apps. Developers will also be able to develop new apps which can be integrated with Notifications. The notification panel can be easily pulled from the right side of the desktop.

mountain lion os x notifications review


The only missing feature which stopped me from using Safari was the ability to search right from the address bar, just in Chrome or Firefox. Safari will now have this instant searching feature in Mountain Lion. Also it now has the “Reader” button fixed up permanent.

mac os x mountain lion safari reader

Twitter integration

There”s Twitter again! Twitter is now integrated throughout Mountain Lion just like in iOS 5, so you can sign in once, and tweet directly from apps including Safari, Photo Booth, Preview and also other third party apps. Now we can officially say that with Apple, Twitter is a win!

mac os x mountain twitter integration

AirPlay mirroring

Mountain Lion will be introducing AirPlay Mirroring. You”ll be able to mirror or see your computer screen on a TV wirelessly, and of course you”ll need an Apple TV. The only thing is that Apple TV supports only 720p HD and not Full 1080p HD. Again, with Game Center on Mac, games will definitely use this feature to play games on the big screen.


Apple has introduced a new security feature called Gatekeeper. This allows personalized security settings, which will do nothing except for allowing you to choose to install apps from unknown sources  or the Mac App Store.

Apple has said that Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be released late in Summer 2012 and just like Lion, Mac OS X Mountain Lion will also be available as a download from the Mac App Store. We can expect Apple to reveal the release date at the WWDC 2012. I guess that Apple will be releasing Mountain Lion right when Windows 8 will be released so that, Windows can have a tough competition.

Ahh, I know it has been a long review of Mac OS X Mountain Lion but I hope it was worth reading. So do you think Mac OS X Mountain Lion will win over Windows 8 and also outperform the older versions of Mac OS? Let us know in the comments below!

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