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LinkedIn has Changed the Way We Do Business

Yes! LinkedIn has changed the way we do business. The myth of the professional networking site working only for giant businesses has taken a toll on a lot of people, but the fact and reality still remains that LinkedIn is for all. Entrepreneurs benefit just as much as an executive would. And a SME benefits just as a MNC would. It’s simple. The site, currently celebrating 100 million users, has surely brought about a revolution in carrying out business, and marketing a company’s products and services.

All a marketer needs to do is get actively involved in branding, and building connections as much as he/she can. All for the love of business, it is! As the saying goes -” as you sow, so shall you reap”, LinkedIn too, offers you just as you want only if you do your job religiously on this platform.


If you are a beginner and are wondering what exactly you are supposed to do to reap the rewards, here are some basic ways in which you can use LinkedIn to benefit in business:

  • First it is of utmost importance that you create a complete profile of yourself and your business. Exhibit thoroughly the product or service that you are trying to market. It is vital that your profile is complete with all relevant information, required by clients and customers to know more about you and your company.
  • Create a group of your own and simultaneously join other relevant groups to get noticed. Keep posting your comments on a specific topic and also join discussions.Create a blog site, update blogs and share it on these specific groups ion LinkedIn. Traffic to your company’s website would surely increase.
  • Keep updating your profile with recent changes like new events, promotions and news about the company or its products. Look for new contacts andgroups. It is essential that you update yourself on a regular basis. This would help improve your connections and get you noticed.
  • Look for new contacts and connections. Interact with other professionals, this would help you market to a great extent. State your opinions and be frank but not rude! This might completely back-fire on you.

The above are basics that you just can’t avoid if you want to succeed in LinkedIn. You are going to find ample examples of small businesses flourishing via this networking platform, and rest as they say is history!

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