Leaked Images of HTC Successor Claimed to be the New M8

I’ve always been an ardent HTC fan and when I looked at some leaked images by @evleaks, I was totally surprised to see the images and moreover, @Evleaks later confirmed this phone to be a successor of the HTC One family : M8. Moreover, this is a treat for the HTC lovers as this news comes out merely a day after they sent invites to their special pre-MWC event on 25th of February for a big launch which is expected to be the M8. 

The leaked image confirms dual camera for the phone, speakers on the front, on screen buttons, light sensor and of course the HTC logo. Sources also states that a successor to the HTC One may not get announced for at least a week from now, we at least know what’s cooking inside and how the device may look like.

The feature which looks attractive on the outside is at the back panel with the dual-LED flash. I personally liked the leaked image because the side panel looks a single piece made and sleek. I’d definitely go for the phone only if Gold is not the only color HTC selling the phone with. Public opinion says that the current HTC one looks better in looks but all we can do is to just wait for a few more days for HTC to reveal the phone and see what’s next and what they have in store for us.



Here I am just wondering why would a phone require a secondary camera on it. Do you have any answer to it? Comment below!

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