Basic Keyword Research Guide Using Google Keyword Tool for Blog Articles

Gone are the days when blogging was just about writing good stuff. In today’s market, it is more than jut writing good stuff. it is pretty much inclined towards SEO. It’s all about search engine optimizing and the better you are at it, helps you grow better and faster. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. This is the only article you’ll need to read when you’re just learning how to do a basic keyword research for your blog articles. So, Bookmark it!

I want to keep this article as easy as possible because this is going to help a lot of newbie and therefore I’ll just write to the point and won’t go into explaining things out because it might take the focus off and confuse the newbie. If you’re one of them and want to go more into knowing what the exact meanings of the terms are, you always have Google to answer you. I hope you understand. So Here’s how you do it. One thing I want to explain is What is a keyword? Well, keyword is the search term people use in Google search to get desire result. So, here we proceed with the article.

[Note]1. Login to Google Adwords Keyword Tool[/Note]

Open Google Keyword Tool and sign in with your Google account. It is necessary to sign in to make full use of all the features available. Below is how it’ll look once you’re signed in to it.

[Note]2. Setting up Google Keyword tool[/Note]

Once signed in, you’ll need to set it up for a proper result. Tick-mark the “Exact” search type from left sidebar and also add the required columns as in the screenshot below. Click on the image to enlarge.

[Note]3. Correct method to keyword research[/Note]

Here’s the main part of the whole thing. Let’s say we want to find keyword about this post. So, I’ll enter “Google Keyword tool” in the word/phrase box and hit the search button. You will need to sort the results in ascending order by “competition” column to get a better idea. The reason why we’re sorting by the competition column is because we need to target traffic.

Now, you should look into the keywords with 4 or more words (long tail keywords) and having monthly global searches more than 2500-3000 or above and also an optional thing which is Approx CPC to be somewhere around $0.50 or above. This is the criteria which I follow when I need to make a keyword research for my articles. Now, sort out around 10 of those, note them down.

[Note]4. Narrow down the keywords.[/Note]

After sorting out 10 keywords from the above method, it’s time you narrow down them to 4-5. Use google instant search for this one or you can use SEOmoz Keyword difficulty tool to check which keyword will be easier for you to rank.

[Note]5. Go play![/Note]

Once you decide which keywords you’re going to use, you just have to start writing article and you’ll need to have a main keyword which you’ll be having in your title, meta description and also inside the post with around 3% of density (total No. of words/ total No. of times keyword is used) and also 1-2% of keyword density for the other secondary keywords you’re targeting.

So, this was the method I follow when I make a basic keyword research before writing a post. I hope it was easy enough to follow and if you have any questions, you can just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help as always. Cheers till then.

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