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Keynotes From F8 : Facebook Developer Conference

So, according to me, its a start of a new social era as Facebook announced the new changes in Facebook, Facebook profiles and other departments and to me, I am just amazed to see all this changes actually taking place as to me they all look fascinating and really good. Let’s have a quick look at what they all announced at the F8 2011. I am sure you guys going to love what they’ve announced so far!At F8, Mark Zuckerberg has announced few cool things as below :

  • New Facebok Profile and Timeline
  • All new OpenGraph
  • New social gaming experience
  • GraphRank! (Really cool)

The biggest change they announced was the new Facebook Profile with Timeline. It is just like having an info-graphic of your life at one place as described by them. Below is how it looks like :

The above pic is just a small part of the big story! The whole thing is such a good thing that I feel like using all the adjectives for it tonight and I’m already in love with it and just feeling restless to get it.


You feel the same? Sign up for the new Facebook Profile and Timeline.


The next change they announced was the Open Graph. Spotify, MOG, Radio and Rhapsody and many hundreds of apps will be integrated into it. This allows you to integrate any Facebook app, authorize it once and it will be integrated to your account in such a way that it will keep on sharing what you do with the app to your timeline and facebook profile automatically without spamming your friends’ timelines and this is innovative and “frictionless” experience of using an app as they said up there at F8.


Social Gaming is explained the same way. With the opengraph, Users will be able to share, play and discover more and more games, what their friends are playing and each and everything in a very social way. This was another cool thing.
And the last feature, GraphRank! This was outstanding when they explained it. Graphrank is a kind of an algorithm which identifies what to prefer showing to a user having a look at your profile or his timeline. If he is a musician, the first preference will be given to him will be of music stories and etc etc. Clever, isn’t it?


Tonight, I’m a Mark’s fan more than I was the day before and its simply because of this changes he’s made and I can really say that it is a new sunrise and a beginning of a new social era we’re going to live in. Whatever people say, I was a Facebook fan and I will always be one because, It has a timeline of my life and some moments I don’t even remember I had! What’s your say on this? Cheers!

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