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All you need to know about the term “Jailbreaking”- A Complete Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Have you ever heard a term “Jailbreaking“? I’m sure, you have! Are you aware enough about this term? Well, no need to worry now onwards, because today, I’m going to explain the term “Jailbreaking” very clearly to you all. You will be getting all the facts, merits and demerits of Jailbreaking. All your questions on Jailbraking will be answered here.  For that, go ahead and enjoy this whole article.

[Note]What is Jailbreaking?[/Note]

Generally, nowadays we all have a smartphone. Smartphone looks like a mandatory thing to each one of us. Isn’t it? And why not? Smartphone is giving all the facilities to make our life more easier than before. When it comes to smartphone, there are many latest gadgets that start to spin over your head and I’m pretty sure about this. Like we have seen many smartphones which are recently launched, having extra ordinary features, looks and much more in that.

Moreover, our smartphones, Gaming consoles, tabletsPC will be able to run only some official apps in it. They have settled down some barriers for it. These apps are those which were the authorized apps only by the manufacturers. With this, you will not be able to use the actual potential of your smartphone. For making all the apps available for your smartphone, there’s a magic term called, Jailbreaking. Yes, Jailbreaking is used to remove all the barriers which have set by manufacturer for your smartphones. Jailbreaking let allows users to download their favorite apps or games without any limitations. iPhone, I think this name is enough to blown away your mind. If you’re an Apple user, you need to have your device a Jailbroken one, to enjoy this amazing phone.

It seems not legit here. It is legal? Yes, this is the only question which comes first to all the users who are willing to Jailbreak their device.

[Note]Is Jailbreaking Legal?[/Note]

Well, Jailbraking is totally legal in the whole US. For making Jailbreaking as illegal apple had fought many time against the Electronic Frontier Foundation and  fortunately Electronic Frontier Foundation had won the battle over Apple and mad Jailbreaking a legalize act for all the users. Apple never stopped. Apple is still fighting against EFF for making jailbreaking as illegal. Well ,time will show them a wiser way. Till then, make a more use of Jailbreaking.

[Note]Why Jailbreak?[/Note]

As I mentioned above, million of apps are available for making our routine life more easier. But the main barrier is that, they are not available for free. All you need to pay some bucks for getting your favorite app. For that it looks like you must have to jailbreak your device and let your device boosts with some amazing apps which can helps you to gain your personality and knowledge as well. After jailbreaking, your phone will be breathing in the fresh air of the open source’s environment. Even I have a Jailbroken smartphone with me, and it works well.

[Note]Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbrekaing?[/Note]

  • A Jailbroken device let allows unofficial and unauthorized apps to download easily. With this it leads to get in some virus and hacker threats with some security issues.
  • One more serious problem is that, you’ll lose your warranty on your device.
  • You are not eligible for any technical support from the retailers or from any official store of that device.
  • And advantages are already mentioned above.

[Note]How to Jailbreak?[/Note]

As we have a latest announcement from Apple, that is iOS6, we haven’t any Jailbreaking trick for this iOS6. Here we’ve a trick to Jailbreak your iDevice having iOS 5.1.1. Easy and a working trick. As I personally experienced this trick in my iDevice. Do check this out and enjoy your jailbreaking device. Complete Video Tutorial On How To Jailbreak IOS 5.1.1 Using Absinthe 2.0.

This was the actual stuff you need to know about  Jailbreaking. I hope you all have enjoyed this article.  What do you think on this? Was this article helpful to you? Is there any advantages or disadvantages still remaining here? which are the problems you are facing while Jailbreaking your device? Do share your views in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you.

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