It’s Almost Here : All What Apple might Announce Today

It’s almost here! Well, we are not the only ones saying this. The entire world is eagerly waiting for what Apple has in store for us this time!

Everyone is guessing about the new iPhone, the app stores are down(makes me even more excited) and the rumours are on fire! So let me ask you a question. How many of you think that the shadow “5” under 12 in the invite image below means that they are going to launch the iPhone 5? I’m sure many of you would be thinking about that, but what if, if the “5” stands for something else?

I personally don’t think that the “5” stands only for the iPhone 5. Well, I believe that “the 5” means, that Apple is going to launch(or upgrade) “5” new things. so, Let’s take a quick look at what these 5 things may be!

[Note]1. The iPhone 5, of course[/Note]

Everyone knows that the iPhone is going to be “THE BIG” thing today. I won’t tell you much, because I already assume that you all are ready for this one, and have heard enough! To make it short, the iPhone 5 will have a bigger display. Now that’s for sure, but if the prototypes floating around everywhere are false, even then I can bet that it will have a bigger display. Look at this picture:

It’s the place where Apple will be holding it’s event today. Now look at this image:

If you shrink this picture, you can clearly see the iTunes icon, the AppStore icon and the GameCenter icon. Cool, isn’t it? Apple already has given us a clue that this is something big, by stretching the icons cleverly!

[Note]2. iPad Mini[/Note]

It’s very unlikely that Apple would release it today, since it is something new, and Apple would want to host a crazy big event for this one (maybe in October), but still. Apple has got a tendency of always surprising everyone at their event, so we can still hope to see the iPad mini today (but very unlikely).

[Note]3. New iPod Touch & upgrade to other iPods![/Note]

Since they would increase the screen size of the iPhone 5, Apple would also upgrade the iPod touch and likely other iPods as well. The new iPod Touch would have more or less the same features as the iPhone 5 (apart from 4G LTE of course) and new internal hardware along with that big new awesome screen!

[Note]4. Retina Display Macbook Pro 13[/Note]

Since the last week, we have been seeing a lot that the MacBook Pro 13 inch would get the Retina Display. This might be true, but I don’t want it to be, because the regular old Macbook Pro 13(the one which I have) would become obsolete! Apart from this, it would be thinner of course, and have new hardware and it will also lose the super drive.

[Note]5. All New iMacs (might be with Retina Display)[/Note]

It is very likely that Apple will refresh the iMac line up, since it hasn’t upgraded it for quite sometime now. I’m not really sure if they would add the Retina Display to this one as well, because if they do, the 27 inch iMac would have its pixels in Billions!(I’m too lazy to do the math).

Also if they do this, it’s possible that the super drive will be dead here as well, and iMacs will be thinner (probably a new design) and also will have higher specs.

[Note]6. But there’s ONE MORE THING![/Note]

I really don’t know what this one thing would be like. It might be the iPad mini, the new iPods, the iMacs or something, or maybe iOS6? I don’t know anyway, but this thing will be THE surprise today.

Unlike other Apple events, there will be a big surprise for sure! The reason why I have listed this as the sixth point is because, anything from the above 5 can go wrong, but we will definitely have something AWESOME today!

So stay tuned, and if you don’t know, Skotgat will be live blogging the iPhone 5 event, so make sure you be there on time or you can also watch the iPhone 5 event live online.

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